Why do taxes keep going up?

This isn’t a huge deal, but I’ve been wondering why the tax portion of my monthly phone bill keeps going up. It’s not itemized that I can see. On a $15.00 bill, the tax(es) used to be just under $5.00, but now it’s around $6.50. It’s not yet breaking the bank, but the percentage that goes to tax seems awfully high, and rising.

Hi @johnw.pdvsog ,

Here, this should help answer that question :slight_smile:

Not exactly, SuperT. It’s vague and conveys no useful information. My billing address didn’t change. But perhaps I can’t get a more specific answer, I don’t know.

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Ah, never mind. I found the itemized bill, where all the taxes are broken down. It seems that the federal tax is going up the fastest. I still think that all those taxes are ridiculous, but now at least I know. I couldn’t figure out how to just delete my question.

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