Why do .txt documents appear as white text on black background? (in Google Drive)


Edit for clarification!
I normally use .docx or .pdf documents on my phone but recently, I opened a .txt document in Google Drive and
I noticed that .txt documents on my Moto X appear as white text on black background. .docx and .pdf appear normal, black on white. I’m wondering how/why and how to change it to black on white?

If I open .txt files with Google Docs, the appear normal. Only seems to happen with Google Drive.


This behavior may be dependent upon the specific app you are using, and they may be an option within the settings to invert this color scheme. I suspect the invert option has somehow been enabled and needs to be disabled. But, before you change it, consider the impact on your phone’s battery. A black background uses far, far less battery power because it’s not lighting up the entire screen. I actually have an app on my phone that inverts black on white to while on black for the very purpose of using less battery. Just my preference.

But, I digress. Check the display settings on your phone and see if an option to invert the screen colors has been enabled.


Many thanks. I didn’t know that about the battery. I will leave it as is. I need all the battery life I can get!