Why do we get Pop up videos at random when there are not apps running


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WHY do we get videos and other pop up asking us to install apps some times not when there are no apps running?
Thank you


TLDR: U have a app installed that is pushing adds in the background. Remove the offending app. Ads always come from apps.

Moto E4 plus inundated with ads

Any way to know which one?


Can you think of something you installed around the time this started happening? The most likely candidates are any app that claims to clean your phone, make it faster, improve battery life, protect you from viruses, any flashlight app and then after that free games.


Read through the links I provided. Plenty of ideas where to start.
Else, just remove apps until the issue stops, then u will know.
Stick to paid, ad free apps, and you are most likely not to have worry about pop up ads from apps.


AVG-with adds?


AVG is one of the more reputable ones, but I generally don’t recommend an anti-virus on Android. Viruses are actually vanishingly rare and every one I’ve ever used causes more problems than it can possible prevent.

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