Why does it lock?

at my home and at work, both “trusted” locations, the #$@&%^ phone INSISTS on locking. moto g 3

Did you miss any steps when you set these up?


dont think so… i set it up months ago, and still it will lock just rechecked and location is from maps and the address is correct. just another on the “pain” list lol

This always worked on my Moto X (2nd) gen but I don’t have a Moto G (3rd Gen) to test. Maybe someone who has one will see this thread and test this on theirs.

Does it always lock and not unlock. My Moto X’s and my Pixel all have my home as a trusted location but I’ve discovered that if the phone is inactive for awhile then it will lock and require me to put the pin back in. This happens most often over night but I think there’s a timeout of about 4 hours because it’s happened on occasion sitting on my end table if I’ve not used the phone for awhile. Other than that I can’t think of why the smart lock isn’t working.

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