Why does it say, "You may incur significant charges" when I turn on roaming?


i am trying to set up my new phone for my daughter. it is telling me to turn on roaming data and then states Repulbic uses roaming data to keep calls and texts flowing and states i will never be charged - but on the next screen it states significant charges may occur if i turn on the data roaming. i am confused



You will not be charge for anything by turning on roaming in the Android settings

the “you may incur significant charges” is a default android warning as some carriers will charge you for this after the fact but Republic will not as a prepay service you will not be charged for anything until you agreed to it and pay upfront

if you only sign up for the $15 plan there no charge for any data (though Republic still needs to have access to do some of the background WiFi VOIP Hybrid functions like bonded calling, all Text on Cell happen over cell data channel (and the end user is not charged for this data usage)

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I have one more question. Will my daughter be able to get online as long as she has WIFI - without being charged for anything? What about using apps such as Snapchat etc? does she need data for that or will she be able to use that when connected to Wifi?



Republic does not charge for any data you get via WiFi but Republic does not provide that WiFi either

there are many Free WiFi hot spots (Schools, Public Library, McDonald, Starbucks and many others) and your own home Internet WiFi can be used for anything that needs data

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Snapchat, Facebook and so on need data to work. Since you are paying for phone calls and text messaging only in the basic rate, she will have to be connected to WiFi to use these apps.

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ok. but while on Wifi these will work and will not incur charges? jsut want to make sure



the no charge from Republic, the provider of WiFi may charge (Republic does not provide WiFi)

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kellik.5oxcxm wrote:

ok. but while on Wifi these will work and will not incur charges?

They will work fine and you will not incur any cell data charges.

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