Why does my data renew in a different day than my billing cycle?

What phone do you have? Motor e4

What plan are you on? T, T, 1g data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My phone tells me I am using too much data. My bill just renewed yesterday. Why are my billing days and data usage date different?

Hi @kathrynr.k60q7m

Are these warnings about data usage coming from the Republic app or from the Settings app? If you have a data limit set in the Settings app, that can cause this.


I found a Help article that will walk you through the steps necessary, plus it provides a link to a second article on how to turn them off


To summarize the previous two posts. Your data renews on your billing date. Any warning that you get that is different from that is coming from the phone itself and that means your billing date hasn’t been set on the phone, which you can do by following the directions in the post directly before this one.

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