Why does my New Moto G5 plus text messaging app lag so much?


I just got the new Moto G5 plus with 4GB of Ram and 64GB of storage. The phone is only a week old, yet the messaging app lags like crazy. The only fix I’ve found is to restart the phone. When I do it gets better for a while but then over time (the next day) it starts to lag again. Any suggestions for how to fix this would be appreciated!



I’ll check our new G5 plus tonight and see if it has this problem if you can do me a favor and see if your camera snaps shots as soon as you click the screen or whether there’s a significant - 3 or 4 second - delay before it actually takes a picture when you first open the app. Something’s up with this new mid-high range phone! My G3 seemed to be faster at times…



I haven’t experienced any lag with my camera as of yet. My lagging issues affect every function of the phone about once a day. If I restart, the issue goes away. I think this is unacceptable for a brand new phone. I’m going to open up a ticket. Since this has received over a hundred views and no one seems to be offering a solution.



Have you updated to the latest messaging app? Re: PSA: Google Messenger Now Android Messages



I received 3 replacement G4 phones for the same reason, and finally RW sent me a G5 Plus and after less than a week, I am experiencing the exact same thing! badly lagging during texting. Then you restart the phone and it’s better for a few hours, then back to the same. Very frustrating! Neither Motorola or Rep. Wireless have any solutions that have worked. It has to be an issue with these Moto G phones.

However, if anyone has any real solutions that have worked, please let us know.



Hey Todd–

I realize I never posted the solution to my issue. RW had me factory reset my phone and rebuild it app by app over time. By doing this adding an app, waiting a few days, adding another app, waiting a few more days. i was able to isolate my lagging issue to one particular app. Covenant Eyes. It’s an accountability/filtering software that I use on all my electronics as a safety net for my kids and I against porn etc. Unfortunately it was making my phone unusable. So, I’m looking for a different solution. Minus that app, my phone has stopped lagging. Perhaps you have a similar situation with one of your apps?

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OpenDNS has a pretty decent filtering system, you might check that out, no app needed on phone but since you have to set your DNS numbers it will only work on a network you control. for me thats 90% of the time.


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