Why does my phone beep about once every 70 seconds or so?


Moto X pure edition. I have screen turned off. The only thing that is on the screen is a notice that I am connected to the WIFI network in my home. I have turned the phone off and on. I have turned off public network notifications. We have other Republic Wireless phones in our home that are not doing it – Motorola G’s I believe.


Put your phone in “Do Not Disturb”… two finger slide from the top and tap on “Do Not Disturb”.

If the beep still comes through…then it could be hardware issue… if not… then you will have to

go through your various notification settings to figure out which one is causing the beep.


I have the same problem with a Moto G (4th Gen.) Incessant beep about every minute or so. It didn’t start until this week ,after I installed an update. This beeping is killing my battery! Could the update have changed some wifi beep setting? Where could I look for that?


I’ve seen a few reports of this on the Lenovo site. A few people have reported that a system cache clear resolves the issue. Here are the directions: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/112840/~/clear-cache-partition—moto-g-play-(4th-gen.)


I had a similar experience with my phone yesterday at a local restaurant.

In my case it turned out to be restaurant’s WiFi network that was saved to my phone but it needed

additional verification…the phone kept beeping to remind me that I had to do additional verification to connect

to the network. However, the beeping was confusing because it didn’t pop up a specific notification.

To add more complexity, the Google app also kept throwing a notification asking me if I was at the restaurant

and if I wanted to post photos/reviews, there was also a local weather alert in the area…so Accuweather app

was splashing its notifications with beeps as well.

Once I had closed out the Google and Accuweather notifications, the phone continued to beep…that’s when I was

able to narrow it down to the WiFi network as there were no other active notifications and the phone was

still beeping…every few minutes.

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