Why does my phone hang up on incoming call then call rite back?


I have a hard time taking calls because my phone hangs up on incoming calls. Then it calls the number back. It is vary irritating and my boss has a hard time getting in touch because I am on call so much. Can you help? Phone model #XT557 … Android version 2.3.7


With the Defy XT what you are experiencing is the way the phone hands-off from WiFi to cell. This doesn’t occure with the newer models.


Actually it does occur on newer models. I have a brand new Moto G5 Plus less than two months old and I have problems receiving calls it just hangs up when i try to pick up the call. Extremely frustrating to say the least.


Does it hang up and call you right back? If not then it is not the same thing that the OP on the old Beta DEFY phone was experiencing.