Why does my phone "Save" the network instead of connecting?

When I’m home with my wi-fi router working fine as I can see on my computer, my cell phone often/usually won’t connect. So I go to settings, tap, it says its connecting to my wi-fi, then says “Saved”. So I tap again, and it tries and then goes back to “Saved”, usually by the 3rd or 4th try it Connects. But sometimes before that it downloads something - sometimes a lot (e.g. 100 MB.)

I’ll read some of the links in this article to see if I can get some tips.

Hi @henrys.uhjuuo,

Members with the Republic Refund plan can limit the phone’s cell data usage in the Republic app, either for all apps, or individually. Instructions are here:

Members on the My Choice plan can use the “Data Freeze” option to prevent the phone from using cellular data when not intended. Those instructions are here:

Hi southpaw (I’m partly one also : -)
I asn’t asking about Refunds or even Data Freezes - I was wondering what’s this Saving the wifi instead of going ahead and connecting.

Thanks for clarifying, @henrys.uhjuuo.

I thought you were simply commenting in Plan 2.0 refund problem about needing a way to prevent the phone from using cellular data when this happens.

I’ve moved your question to its own topic so our Community members can troubleshoot with you without derailing the previous topic.

  • Thoughts on your problem with the WiFi just going to Saved, but not connecting (correct me if that is not the case)
    • I would go into the Settings / WiFi
    • Turn off the WiFi, you should see ''Saved networks"
    • Tap your Network Name … it should have a lock to the right of it
    • ’Forget’ your Network Name
    • Hit the Back button
    • Turn on WiFi
  • Check the Show Password
  • While carefully observing the phone, re-enter your Password and Connect
  • Did you see anything other than Saved come up … like Obtaining IP address?
    • Assuming it went to Saved, watch it for a min or two … does it keep retrying and eventually error out?

Did you ever get connected to your WiFi?

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It connects - but sometimes I poke “Saved” perhaps 5 times, each time that line above moves left-right for some seconds and goes back to Saved. Finally is says Connecting and connects. Often it only takes 2 or 3 pokes.

I checked Saved Networks, and it had two with my Network Name, one without a lock - so I deleted that one.

What used to happen is that it said “Connecting” then went to Saved. So I would poke the name again, and that would repeat. Then after 3 or 5 more tries it would go through Connection -> Connected no internet and then in a few seconds Connected. So I would wait after that first “Saved”. Sometimes it would just stay that way for more than a minute and then connect. I never had the patience to just wait and see how long it took - especially since when I turn on my phone I usually want to use it then and want the wi-fi to be there.


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So … by deleting the un-used SSID did this fix your problem?

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It connects faster - just tried it twice.Thanks.



Thanks for testing further and reporting back.

Thanks for the follow-up. If you could re-verify this as a fix at some later point in time, please post back here. That would allow me some validated information to feedback to the Republic Wireless Help team to add to the existing Help Documents

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