Why does my phone say that I have no data?

I used up all my data watching a Google movie rental on a car trip. The next day, I decided to pay the $7.50 for 0.5 GB. I payed for it on Monday but it just posted in my bank. Also, my billing cycle says that I have used 513 MB. what is going on? Why does my phone still at that I have no data?

Did you switch from the 1.0 plan to the 2.0 Republic Refund plan? If so, the plan transition will take place on your billing anniversary. If you were already on the 2.0 plan and simply bought additional data you will have to open a service ticket and ask for an explanation.

0.5GB is actually 512MB (as 1GB = 1024MB) … perhaps you have already used the data you just bought? … in the RW App click ion the bars (cell data) then tap the blue dot bottom left to see what app used what % of the data

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