Why does my republic phone that is deactivated request a new sim card to be activated again?

My Motor X2 died & I’m trying to activate my spouses previously used Republic Moto Z Play. It’s asking for a new sim card. Why, it’s a a republic phone? Also we are on vacation & Republic will not ship here so I’ll be without a working phone. Help!

Unfortunately when a GSM SIM is deactivated for more than 20 days it expires and can not be reactivated.


Is here somewhere Amazon would ship? If so:


Thanks! Guess May 7 is better than 12th.


Reviews are very good & says that Republic won’t help or support this card.

The Republic SIM sold at Amazon is exactly the same SIM sold by Republic at its online store and is every bit as supported as a SIM acquired from Republic directly. My household uses multiple Amazon sourced Republic SIMs in various phones.


Hi @joannej.ykf62n,

I appreciate your concern about the reviews and your interest in warning a fellow member (and fellow Joanne) about what you see. I read reviews closely before I make purchasing decisions, too. Unfortunately, though, Amazon no longer allows sellers or manufacturers to respond to reviews, which means anyone can make up anything they want to say, and it becomes “truth” in the eyes of the public.

The real truth is that the Amazon card that @rolandh linked is exactly the same SIM card we sell in our online store, and it is managed by the same team of people who manage the SIM card in our online store, and we support it exactly as we do the SIM card in our online store. It serves us no purpose whatsoever to have our SIM card available for sale on Amazon if we’re not willing to then support the new members who come to us that way.

We are always happy to help our members no matter where they obtain their phone or their Republic Wireless SIM card. (Well, as long as they obtain them legally!)

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Thanks Southpaw, we did go ahead & order it but have yet to receive definitive direction from the help ticket. Your reply helped us feel better about going forward.

Hi @joannej.ykf62n,

I noticed that you replied by e-mail, so I want to be sure to let you know that even though you’re reading my reply in your e-mail, the conversation is taking place in the public topic here: Why does my republic phone that is deactivated request a new sim card to be activated again?

I’m a bit slow, but I’m starting to think that you’ve written in from two different e-mail addresses and that both the Joannes we’re seeing in this conversation are the same person. Is that correct?

I was able to find only one recent Help Ticket from either Joanne, and that ticket is currently with our Experts and is awaiting Joanne’s reply. I’m not sure what further guidance you are waiting for there, but the ball appears to be in your court. The Expert was trying to determine whether the broken phone was being served by a CDMA or GSM SIM card so he could make sure you got the coverage you’d need, which at the moment is not as important since we can’t ship to you in your current location and only the GSM SIM card is available online. If it turns out you need a CDMA SIM card, we can take care of that once you’re back from vacation.

Are you overseas? I’m concerned that if you’re somewhere we can’t ship, you might also be somewhere where activating the phone may be problematic.

The help ticket is on the Z Play since my husband’s X2 phone is dying & that’s my older phone. Both phone accounts are technically mine but his email is attached to x2 and the help ticket. I posted on my account to the community looking for help in getting a Sim card or getting the store to ship to Hawaii. Basically so a response would come to my email. It looks like the Amazon card will work so he’ll just wait till we get it to proceed. Thanks for following up!

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