Why does my republic wireless account state that I have no devices?

I recently purchased a new Moto z play from Republic Wireless and when I sign into my republic wireless account, it states that there are no devices under this account. I would like to transfer my old phone number from my old device to my new Moto z play but can’t because the account says I have no phone. Any suggestions?

First of all be sure you are logging into the correct account. I don’t know how you would even have service if RW doesn’t recognize that you have a phone.

Secondly, we are the community of users. We don’t have direct access to the information that would definitively answer your question. So, if you are certain that you are logging into the correct account, then you should open a support ticket on this issue, if you haven’t already, and let RW support straighten this out with you. Hope you enjoy your new Moto Z!

There are two accounts with your name on it. It looks like when you ordered you spelled your email address wrong, thus opening a new account. This can cause huge issues. You will want to open a ticket ASAP to get support to fix this. They will ask you a bunch of questions to validate you, they are required by law, so some patience will be needed.

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