Why does "Phone by Google" stock app no longer have voicemail in menu

I have Google Pixel XL with a republic wireless plan. The “Phone by Google” stock app no longer has voicemail as an option in the bottom nav buttons.

When voice mails show up in my “notifications”, I have no way to access them. If I click the notification it just goes a way, but no app opens.

I tried calling my phone number through the “Phone by Google” app to see if I could get to my voice messages that way as a workaround. But when I start typing in what I think is my password, the call gets automatically disconnected.

These problems are new. I suspect they might be related to the new update to the Republic Wireless app from the last week.

I used to just listen to my voice messages via the “Phone by Google” app and never bothered using a password.

Any ideas?

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