Why does porting in take 24 hours after it is accepted?


I am new to republic and trying to port in my number. On every other carrier that I have ever ported to they say 4-8 hours and the port takes about 15 minutes. However republic says on my account page that it is scheduled for tomorrow a full 24 hours after it was accepted by my old carrier. Why does it take republic so long to port in a number or is that just like the other carriers saying 4-8 hours and it is actually only going to take about an hour or so? Also is there any way to expedite the process?

Thanks in advance for the help. Hopefully this helps others that are interested in porting as well.

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Thanks for the reply. So it is actually going to take 24 hours then? Or might I get lucky and see my phone number port in sooner?


Mine took almost exactly 24 hours from the time I submitted the transfer request. The time stamp provided on my account page was quite accurate.


As described in the document, your number should port on the FOC date. Due to the automated nature of this process, there isn’t much that can be done to expedite it.


Just wanted to let everyone know my experience with the porting process to help future customers. My port completed exactly 24 hours and 10 minutes after I initiated it. So to clarify I initiated my port. The account page said accepted almost immediately and gave a time for the port to happen (saying 24 hours later). I waited the 24 hours and then exactly 10 minutes after the time given on the account page my port was complete (I received and email confirming this) and all I had to do was turn off my phone and turn it back on.

Hope that this helps to clarify the porting process.



Thanks for reporting back with the details!

Also, great username! :slight_smile:


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