Why does Republic offer the Moto G6 Play with such low storage?

Ok so I was considering the G6 Play due to having a 4000 mAh battery but realized Republic is only offering the Play with 2GB Ram and 16GB Storage??? Really…why would anybody buy this phone with that configuration?? For $199
Best Buy sells the same G6 Play with 3GB 32 GB storage for… you guessed it, $199.

Why would Republic even select this configuration? Further why would anybody buy this phone from Republic. The powers that be that run Republic make very poor choices sometimes…

I have also seen the same configuration, 3GB 32GB storage on Amazon for $189.

@jben or @rolandh, is this the best place for @krash to request that RW sell the Moto G6 Play with higher storage, or does @krash need to e-mail RW or do something else to put in this request? (I understand that a request doesn’t necessarily mean that RW will do it).

@krash, when I came to Republic Wireless 3 years ago, if my memory serves me correct, I could choose from getting a 1st gen. moto e, a 1st generation moto x, and maybe a defy. That was basically all my choices because Republic Wireless was making phones with their custom rom. When I look at the store now, I’m blow away with the amount of options one can select now, and the list keeps on increasing, so I, for one, am pretty excited about Republic Wireless’ phone selection decisions. They even have a BYOP program so that you don’t even have to buy some phones from Republic Wireless. (You just have to make sure that the phone and model number is the exact one that is compatible with Republic Wireless if you get it elsewhere.)

Frankly, most here cannot answer this question. I see you’ve been a Republic member since 2013, so I’ll presume you understand that generally those responding here are fellow members (other customers) doing our best to assist. From time to time, Republic staff does drop in.

Have you considered sourcing the phone from one of the third parties you reference or Motorola itself? Republic would be happy to welcome the 32 GB version sourced elsewhere. Republic’s guidance for bringing a phone sourced elsewhere is here: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.

@aFloridian, I assure you our erstwhile Community Manager takes note of the conversations here even when not an active participant. I doubt direct communication with staff will change anything on this matter in the short run, however, that’s @krash’s call to make.

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I was waiting for an upgraded phone and was waiting for the Moto 6 family to come out but I guess was a bit disappointed when Republic only offer the 3 GB 16B version. I guess I was just venting a bit. But it seems no one is offering this lower option but Republic. The selling of phones may not be much of a priority for Republic anyway.
I am content with their service but must buy a phone elsewhere and buy the SIM card

The Amazon one will work on Republic but do not it’s discount as exclusive to prime members,
I’m also pretty sure the unlocked version from Best buy will also work on Republic,
As for why Republic only had the 16GB version we can only speculate,
[It may be Motorola only offered that version to Republic to sell? ]

That could be, I was assured from Best Buy their phone would work. It is a challenge to find the Moto model number republic lists when buying from someone else.
Further, Amazon’s version does come with, Amazons shopping apps but are easily removed.

Hi @rolandh


Do you know something I don’t yet know about my job? :scream_cat:

Hi @krash,

I’m going to take it then, that you don’t actually need answers to all the “why” questions you posed (and I’m not sure such business decisions would be something our hardware team would share) but that you mainly would like to confirm that the specs in our online store are accurate and that the version available at Best Buy is compatible?

If I’m on track, I’ll do my best to get you those answers tomorrow. Do you have a model number for the phone from Best Buy, and have you confirmed it’s the North American factory-unlocked version? Even better, if you have the Android build on it… maybe if there’s a display model in the store you could check for that?

I was assured by Best Buy via chat that their G6 Play will work on RW. It was the the listed model # 1922-9 I believe although you couldn’t find that number on BB site. I am sure the specs are accurate since the phone has been offered for several days on your site with no one else questioning it. RW choosing the 2GB 16GB version was not a good choice.

#6221302 is the Best Buy SKU.

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Hi @krash,

Thanks for your question here, and I’m sorry the answer took some time. We have confirmed that the phones we are shipping are indeed the 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage capacity models of the Moto G6 Play. We’ll be correcting the specs in the online store as soon as our web developers are available to do so.


Wow, I can’t believe they would make such a mistake…I would have bought the phone from Republic. You probably lost a lot of sales on that phone.

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