Why does Republic Wireless say 'Sync is off'?

Under ‘Accounts’, then ‘Republic Wireless’, I see a message or lable saying ‘Authenticated device’, then I see ‘Sync is off’. What does that mean and why would it be off? I’m trying to track down an email problem where emails get stuck in my Outbox when i’m out on cellular and then I cannot get them to send even when I’m back on WiFi.

Republic Wireless does not sync any information to you phone it just the Authentication to the Sprint Network holder there nothing to sync

I concur there is nothing to sync. I’m less certain that Authenticated device has anything to do with the cellular network one’s phone is provisioned for. In any event, Authenticated device is present on both my CDMA provisioned Moto X Pure and GSM provisioned Huawei Ascend 5W. I think it’s simply a matter of the app being authenticated to the device it’s resident on but could easily be wrong about that.

the only reason I said Sprint was the posters phone is the Moto G 3rd which is on the Sprint network

I appreciate that. I just don’t think the authentication is necessarily app to cellular network but perhaps app to device?

Ok, Thanks. FYI, I finally gave up on the Outbox issue. I had to set the ‘outgoing’ settings on the built-in email app for that particular account to a Security Type of “None” to get the messages out of the Outbox. I don’t like having to do that but since I’m running a business from home, I like it even less that my emails were not going out when I was away from home on a cell network. Since my previous settings (server name, port#, and SSL Type) all matched what my web host specified, I have no clue why the messages did not go out. There were over a month of them, so I guess I will have to double-check my outbox every few hours now.

You can likely solve this by using a better app than the built-in mail app. Many providers have their own apps and if they don’t the GMAIL app works great (and FAR better than the built-in “email” app.

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