Why does RW not sell the + for Samsung galaxies?


I bought my S9+ from Amazon and would have liked to buy from RM instead. RM sells the S9 but not S9+. Wonder why? Phones are all Just in Time ordered anyway right?


Candidly, other than staff who may or may not be able to comment on the matter, nobody here really knows. If I had to take a stab at it, I’d say because the + variants are likely to sell in fewer numbers.

No, Republic’s online store stocks phones at a warehouse for fulfillment. Drop-shipping from the manufacturer is an interesting idea though.


Hello @johnr.ommyfq

this is not true for any retailer, Republic has to store these in a fulfillment center (warehouse) in order to insert the SIM into the phone box when shipped
Just in time is just an option for stores to stock less knowing that the more will be ship as the item is sold, but the stores need to have enough stored on site to last until the next supplier shipment, this is usually done by retailers who operate their own local warehouses (basically moving the on site stock storage to an off site storage of stock that shared with multiple store fronts

officially I don’t think you will ever be given an answer the S9+ is not carried by Republic


That would be cool and cost us a lot less but that is not how it works for phone manufacturers. We have to order based on very complicated projections and buy in bulk if we want to have decent pricing. We have to be very good at this in order to not be stuck with a large amount of depreciating stock( ie lose a lot of money) or run out of stock (ie make purchasers unhappy). Every phone we decide to support takes a lot of work and if we decide to carry the phone take a lot more thought and risk.


Makes sense. Basic merchandise forecasting…OK. You do support S9+ so it is merely forecasting inventory offerings.
Anyway, I got that phone to stay with Republic, so lets all be happy.

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