Why does RW say all systems are working as normal?

We all know that porting is not working for current members, why does the site say it’s working normally?


Thank you @smel630. Sometimes the most obvious things get overlooked. We’ve updated the status page with information concerning the activation issues for existing members trying to migrate their number to 5.0 plans.

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Question: How come the status page doesn’t work?

There’s been a few incidents this month and every status line says operational. In fact, there’s a very obvious very big issue right now and the status page happily reports everything green.

At this point, I’m thinking February might be a good time to revisit transferring to 5.0.


It is working for me? Here: https://status.republicwireless.com/?

I see the following:

That’s a message, not a status. Look at the actual status. Everything says “Operational”

If that’s Operational, I dread to see what it takes to change the status…

I misunderstood you to say that the page itself wasn’t working. But, yes; clearly the information in the box needs to be reflected in the status list.

Hi @yavanius,

The status page requires a manual update. It does not have sensors out in every part of our service automatically monitoring each process and reporting back. It would be great if it did.

The “happily reports everything green” was my fault. I updated the status page based on @smel630’s observation above, but as I’m not “fully certified” in status updates, I didn’t get the status part right. I’ve updated it for now, and will have someone review my efforts sometime during normal business hours.

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You ought to have your webfolks do a script that will at least attempt to update if a report is posted (by RW).

Someone might need to check the status page. Latest updates look like copy/paste of previous entry.

The thing that I don’t like is the mixed messaging of being told to wait in the forum, and being told/encouraged to proceed on the status page:

(Jan 5) “Existing members who have been waiting to begin the activation process are encouraged to log in to Republicwireless Activate Page on your NEW account and proceed…”

And I really do want to proceed, but I’m scared bitless to do anything.

It would be nice to have a link to the status page at the top of the Community and Service pages. Also. when we get a message about carrier performing service it would be nice to know which carrier, I now use the 5.0 carrier, my SO uses the 4.0 GSM carrier and some people still use the CDMA carrier,

If I am reading it right…the forum guidance is to wait to start the entire process.

The status page on the other hand is talking about those who have already purchased
new SIM cards and are waiting to start the activation and related port over process. The 5.0 plans must be activated 45 days from the purchase…so if you are in that interim state where you have already acquired a 5.0 SIM card…then as per the status page it would be ok to proceed so that you don’t go over the 45 day window.

This is a personal recommendation only, not endorsed by Republic or by the FCC, the FBI or Mossad. It does come out of a lot of experience of helping people around here.

Unless you are activating a 5.0 phone with a new number (not moving a number from Republic or elsewhere) or you have an absolutely compelling reason to need to move (your old phone is broken) I strongly, strongly, strongly (can’t stress this any more strongly) recommend waiting until the multitude of broken things are fixed. If your service is working on 4.0 right now the risk of something going wrong in the transition is just too high to do it without a compelling reason.


Hi @dobberrw,

I’m not great with the status interface, I’m afraid. We have automation that sets everything on that page back to “operational” or whatever the “all systems are working as normal” language is, and I was trying to simply set it back to indicate we still have an issue with activation. When I changed that one thing, it auto-filled the wording to something generic, like “we’re still investigating.” So I did, indeed copy and paste the previous messaging. Delete is not an option, and there’s no new news.


If you’re scared, it’s probably best to wait, still. Our engineers implemented a lot of fixes, and we’re seeing number transfers from legacy to 5.0 process, but if you’re not particularly adventurous, things will continue to get better if you allow us a little more time.

Hi @billg,
I appreciate your endless commitment to pressing for improvements, however, at this time, it’s all I can do to keep up with helping our members who need assistance.