Why Does TDCJ Consider Republic Wireless Pre-Paid?

I’m trying to register my phone number so that I can receive phone calls from a Texas inmate. (I live in Texas, too.) I submitted the requisite documentation, which includes a copy of my recent phone bill, and they told me that TDCJ would not accept it because Republic Wireless is a pre-paid service and only phones on post-paid plans are allowed.

Is this a technicality, or are they wrong? If this is not accurate, can Republic Wireless forward me to any documentation that proves this?

Republic Wireless is a prepaid service.

Republic wireless is indeed a prepaid carrier.

Republic is prepaid as in you pay for the 1st month on activation of your account then each month you pay for the next month not the past month

This would also rule out pretty much all carriers other than one of the majors. Cricket, StraightTalk, Ting, Simple Mobile, Family Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Virgin, Boost, H2O, Tello, MetroPCS, Net10, Google Fi, etc are all prepaid.

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