Why does the Moto store have a lower APR on their phones?


I was wondering what the incentive is to buy from the RW store when the Moto store is offering 0% APR through the same financing company.


If you buy from the Moto store, you will have to buy a GSM SIM card from Republic Wireless to activate. If you buy from Republic Wireless, you will get either GSM or CDMA coverage based on your location.


I can’t take the sim card out of my previous phone and use it with my new one? How much is a sim card?


Hi @justinm.lffog2,

I’m afraid no one here can definitively answer your question. It’s reasonable to speculate that Motorola refers a lot more folks to Affirm for financing than Republic does. It’s also possible Motorola is subsidizing the 0% APR?

In any event, you’re more than welcome to purchase a compatible phone from Moto’s website and bring it to Republic. I suggest reading this first: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help. Next, you’ll want to work through this: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.


Depends on which Republic phone would be donating the SIM. Roughly $10 inclusive of shipping.


Possibly, but it depends upon several factors. What was your previous phone and who was the cellular carrier on your previous phone?

$5 + shipping (Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless)


So unless I buy a $50 phone, the $5 sim card doesn’t really negate the 10% APR the RW store adds to their financing cost. Is this true?


I have no idea. What rate are you presented with and how long do you wish to spread out payments? I believe interest rate is variable based on credit scores, but I haven’t used Affirm for any financing needs.


Just to be clear, Republic doesn’t add any financing costs to its’ phones. The APR you are presented with is entirely up to Affirm (the company Republic partners with for financing). Why Motorola’s arrangement is different is a matter between Affirm and Motorola. More here: Financing with Affirm – Republic Help.


I understand there’s no added cost if you purchase the phone in one single payment, but as a monthly payment it states “$14.95/mo. Based on the purchase price of $249.00 at 10% APR for 18 months.” for the G5 plus as an example. Does this mean the monthly price could be lower? Because when I purchase through Moto the APR is zero after entering all my information before completing the purchase.


I saw that you were suggesting that I buy from Motorola before you withdrew your comment, why did you withdraw it? Do you believe I should buy from Motorola and not the RW store if I were to finance my phone?


Sure. If you are financing, can get a 0% rate, and have adequate cellular coverage to use Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless.


lol I find it funny that you thought you should delete your comment, as if sending someone where they can get the same phone for less somehow harms RW. The company was built on convenience and the idea of saving the average consumer money on their cellular plan. So, going off topic a bit, why did you delete it?


I am merely pointing out it isn’t Republic that’s adding the additional cost, it’s Affirm. Why Affirm is offering customers purchasing a phone at Motorola’s website 0% financing is a question for either Affirm or Motorola not Republic.

My position is one should purchase their phone where one thinks best for them. I’m confident, it won’t matter to Republic one way or the other. If it did, they wouldn’t offer BYOP to begin with.


Actually, I don’t believe that’s true, I think this is a question for Affirm and RW. The reason being, I think RW had to make a deal in order to have Affirm as their financing option. And from what it seems, they added that 10% APR to keep RW from taking business from their original partnership with Motorola. If that’s true, it’s a shame and RW should find a better financing option that doesn’t hold other companies above them. What do you think?


The reply was not concise and, I thought, confusing. I had work to get back to. So rather than let it sit there while I did other things, I deleted it. I don’t care where anyone buys their phone. I do want convey the terms of cellular coverage for BYOD phones.


Fair enough.


If you read the Republic documentation I linked, you’ll see that the APR is variable from 10 to 30 percent and depends upon one’s credit. To the best of my knowledge, the credit decision is Affirm’s not Republic’s. Quoting:

Pay on Your Terms

Affirm loans are designed with your budget in mind. With Affirm’s flexible and manageable payments, you can pay back your loan in 6, 12, or 18 months². Loan rates vary from 10-30% APR depending on your credit. Your approved rate will be clearly displayed at time of checkout.

Available terms and rates are based on your credit and purchase amount. Purchases under $50 can be paid within 30 days without interest. Purchases over $50 but less than $100 can be paid over 6 months, purchases over $100 but less than $150 can be paid over 6 or 12 months, and purchases of $150 or more can be paid over 6, 12, or 18 months with rates from 10-30% APR.

Perhaps, Motorola is subsidizing the 0% offer to its’ customers? After all Motorola (as the manufacturer) makes more per phone sale than Republic would. Remember Republic has to pay Motorola for any Moto phone it sells. Furthermore, Motorola sells a lot more phones than Republic does.

Anyway, if you feel the deal at Motorola is a better one, take it. Republic is far more interested in providing monthly service to that phone than selling it to you.


Where are you seeing that Motorola is offering zero percent interest? When I click through their information, I see the same 10-30% interest rates that are offered for Republic customers (Motorola used to have a Moto Credit option, but they have apparently now decided to go with a third party instead).

If they are offering zero percent loans (more likely, interest deferred loans), then as a large company and the manufacturer (who both deals with huge volumes and doesn’t have to pay the mark-up charged to other vendors), Motorola certainly has the flexibility to subsidize loans if they wish. (And, customers still have to qualify for the financing.)

Republic is providing access to financing as a convenience to customers. This is an option that people have requested for years, and that now makes it possible for people to purchase phones over time who don’t have other options to do so (e.g., a credit card).

By using a reliable third party company, Republic is not taking on additional financial risk as a company to provide this service (all payment agreements are directly between the customer and Affirm and do not involve Republic).

I always encourage customers to purchase a phone wherever they can get the best price (balanced with the convenience of purchasing through Republic and the ability to have a phone delivered with a CDMA SIM card if they are in an area with poor GSM coverage).

(Another feature that Motorola offers that Republic does not is phone insurance, so purchasing through them is also a good option if you wish to purchase coverage.)


The only place I could find Zero Interest was on the Specials page and only on Z model’s