Why does the Republic app say it's incompatible with EvolveSMS when everything actually seems to work fine?


When I set EvolveSMS as my default messaging app, the Republic app gives me an error message for every incoming message (screenshot attached) saying that it is not compatible, and I need to switch messaging apps – and yet everything seems to be working fine.

If there is some genuine incompatibility, the message should probably explain what this is – but is there actually a problem?

We’ve had this same problem on 3 different phones with 2 different brands (Samsung J3 and Moto G4), so it doesn’t seem to be brand-specific.


I just downloaded Evolve and can confirm that I see the same thing on my Moto X Pure.

Best workaround for now would be to set Messages as your default SMS app. You can still continue to use
Evolve…it will just show you a message at the top of your conversations that Evolve is not your default SMS app.

If you need it be your default app to enable certain functionality, then submit a help ticket and see if RW Support can

help you out



You are seeing that message because Android Messages is the only app that Republic is supporting for texting with the 3.0 phones. Evolve might work correctly, but it is not supported. There is currently no way to turn off the message. I do not see how a ticket will change this fact.


The ticket would essentially be logged as a feature request for RW App…if there is sufficient ticket activity… it is possible that RW will reconsider the persistence of that warning.

If people know what they are doing with a given third party app, and are willing to live with the fact that it might not be supported…they should be allowed to do so unless such a use is prohibited or otherwise detrimental to the service.