Why doesn't my Moto G4 use CDMA network?

My daughter bought a Moto G4 last summer, directly from Republic. We weren’t told that the phone would have lousy cell service here, but it does. She’s on wifi a fair amount, so she’s been able to limp along, although she has to borrow friends’ phones to call me, which is obviously not ideal. I’ve recently learned about the CDMA/GSM issue (T-Mobile service is spotty here, at best.) Like I said above, we did buy it directly from Republic, and were never warned that the cell service would be so unreliable. She’s about to start driving and I don’t want her stranded without a way to call us or 911. I’d hate to leave Republic, but this is totally unworkable for us. So my question is-- is there any way to get my daughter’s phone to use CDMA service now, or should we start shopping for another carrier?

We’re obviously way outside the 14-day return, so that’s not an option.

Hi @robinr.w2hjcw,

I’m sorry to hear of the coverage experience. At the time your daughter’s phone was purchased GSM coverage was the only available option for Republic’s new 3.0 phones. Availability of Sprint coverage for some phones purchased through Republic is a relatively new development.

As your daughter’s phone was purchased from Republic directly, please consider raising a help ticket regarding your daughter’s coverage situation. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. I’m confident it will be a conversation worth having.

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