Why doesn't my RW arc say I'm connected to Wi-Fi when I am connected?

I’m at home with a normal, strong Wi-Fi signal and my Settings>Network & Internet page says I’m connected to my Wi-Fi signal, which is good, but the RW arc is blank, not filled; why?

I don’t think my phone has anything to do with it, but I’m using a relatively new Moto X4 with the current Android OS. My old phone, a 1st gen. Moto X, always correctly showed my Wi-Fi connection. That meant that if the RW arc was empty, I knew I wasn’t connected to a Wi-Fi signal.

Both devices have the same 2.4/5GHz capabilities and should work, however manufactures are known for tightening up the implementations from time to time.

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  • You may want to run the RW Diagnostic and see if it reports anything (via notification)
    • RW App Settingsd/Advanced settings/ Run diagnostic test … screenshot of resultant Notification if after running the test would help, and I can provide some help in interpretation if needed
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