Why doesn't my voicemail password work on WiFi?

How can I check my voicemail? It asks me for a password, so I made a password. I use the password and I am immediately disconnected. I tried unchecking use a password. Same thing. I have to shut off WiFi to check it.

Hi @craigc.hs6mza,

Although the Republic app allows unchecking use a password when dialing in, you’ll need to leave it checked and use a password when doing so. For security reasons, Republic no longer allows dialing in without a password even from the phone itself.

Does using a password to dial in work when the phone is on cell rather than WiFi? If so, you might try pausing for a second to a second and a half when keying in the password when your phone is attached to WiFi.

The above said, I much prefer checking voicemail locally on the phone itself as described by Republic here: Access Voicemail. Since I’m not dialing in, I’m not troubled for a password.

Hi @craigc.hs6mza ,

Sometimes the DTMF tones do not properly register when sent over Wi-Fi. In addition to @rolandh’s advice, one trick that sometimes helps is to mute the phone before trying to type the PIN.

Using a password over cell works, not over wifi.

Although the Republic app allows unchecking use a password when dialing in

Am I the only one surprised this wasn’t removed as an option in the last update to the apps as it not a user controlled feature

It should just be changed to something like “Allow remote call-in access to voicemail” Which is really what it does.

that would be a improvement of what’s there in the update release last week as it still show

**Use voicemail password **

a password is used to protect your voicemail

when accessed from a different phone

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