Why don't I have access to data

I get a message that I have roaming calls and texts, but no data when I am at my cabin. I have the 2g plan, so I should have roaming data. Roaming data is enabled in my settings. Why do I still not have data?

On the 2.0 Refund plan you have “access” to roaming data when it is available…sounds like you are in an area that does not provide data coverage. You still have roaming signal that can support calls and text.

Hi @davidb.8kree8,

Would you be kind enough to open the Republic app on your phone and quote, for us, the words describing your current plan underneath your phone number?

The only Republic plans offering roaming cell data for Internet use are Republic’s refund plans: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund. Those plans work only with these Republic phones: https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-1194-republic-wireless-phones#jive_content_id_Republic_Wireless_10_and_2….

I have the base plan + 2.0GB cell data

I would like to point out that with Roaming data costing 18.3 times native data that 2 GB will become less that 112 MB which could be used up fairly quickly (a day or two for some one uses between 1-2 GB a month of native data)

Hi @davidb.8kree8 ,

If you feel comfortable doing so, perhaps if you give us a nearby address, we could evaluate the roaming coverage for you. If you’d rather send me the address privately, I’ll be glad to DM you so you can do so.

Grove Street, Grayling, MI and Lake Hilbert Drive, Armstrong Creek, WI are the two places that I have not been able to get data service.

Roaming is hit and miss and it may just be that the roaming towers your phone connecting to in these are just don’t have data or don’t give any data to carriers that roam on them

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