Why Google Pixel XL shuts down on 44% battery

seems like it is doing it when taking pictures especially, and also does not seem to be sending pictures i took in messages

If the Pixel XL has the original battery, I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery capacity has seriously degraded. Google’s tips for reducing battery drain are at:

Can you start the phone again after it shuts down, or is the battery really dead?
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seems to be dead. if it does restart, it immediately shuts down again. thanks for the article.

This is absolutely the battery failing. One of the typical signs of a battery failing is that despite the phone showing that there is still remaining power, as soon as there is any significant drain, the phone shuts down.

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this really is the story of my life. seems like either my or my wife’s battery comes to a failure point, long before I am ready to give up the phone, or before there is anything else really wrong with it. do you know of any Pixel XL battery replacement success stories?

I don’t have any experience with the XL, but I’ve had two Pixel battery replacements done by the Google Repair Center. No problems with either, and I had the phones back in hand in 3-4 days.

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Here is the Featured Guide from iFixit image

ugh, sounds like NOT a job for me. :slight_smile: thanks for sharing @jben


good to know, probably end up going that route
thanks @cbwahlstrom

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