Why Google Pixel XL shuts down on 44% battery

seems like it is doing it when taking pictures especially, and also does not seem to be sending pictures i took in messages

If the Pixel XL has the original battery, I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery capacity has seriously degraded. Google’s tips for reducing battery drain are at:

Can you start the phone again after it shuts down, or is the battery really dead?
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seems to be dead. if it does restart, it immediately shuts down again. thanks for the article.

This is absolutely the battery failing. One of the typical signs of a battery failing is that despite the phone showing that there is still remaining power, as soon as there is any significant drain, the phone shuts down.

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this really is the story of my life. seems like either my or my wife’s battery comes to a failure point, long before I am ready to give up the phone, or before there is anything else really wrong with it. do you know of any Pixel XL battery replacement success stories?

I don’t have any experience with the XL, but I’ve had two Pixel battery replacements done by the Google Repair Center. No problems with either, and I had the phones back in hand in 3-4 days.

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Here is the Featured Guide from iFixit image

ugh, sounds like NOT a job for me. :slight_smile: thanks for sharing @jben


good to know, probably end up going that route
thanks @cbwahlstrom

@louisdi so I have not attempted to get this fixed yet. now I am noticing battery drain even during shutdown.


  1. the other night shut it down at approx 50%, woke up, turned it on at 3%
  2. last night shut down at approx 40%, this morning woke up at 14%

is this even possible?

Hi @barabbas,

It’s possible in the sense the battery percentage being reported to you is inaccurate. Inaccurate reporting of battery percentage is a classic sign of a failing battery.


The battery draining while the phone is off is possible (lithium ion batteries slowly lose their charge when inactive). The percentages you’re talking about are not possible. I’d bet 100% that @rolandh is right. Your battery is past the end of its useful life.

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i love it. lol! ok thanks for the reply.

thank you! time to call Google Repair

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