Why has my audio failed?


No sound coming from the phone

I have only owned this phone for a few months (Moto gen 3) and now my speaker isn’t working. I have tried powering it off then on and it worked when I did that on top of removing the back (a few days ago); this no longer is working. Has anyone run into th

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If you can take the back off then I’m guessing that your Gen. 3 Moto phone is the Moto G.

Can you hear with headphones/ear buds? Does speakerphone work?

If rebooting worked once then that would likely indicate a software problem. To pursue that, first clear your phone’s Android OS cache:

Clearing the Cache

If that doesn’t help try running the phone in Safe Mode to see if it might be an app that was installed:

Safe Mode

If it is still doing this in Safe Mode then it may be time to do a Factory Data Reset.


One of the Republic apps has also updated.

So I would also try uninstalling the two Republic app, reboot the phone and reinstall the two Republic apps.