Why hasn't Republic returned to offering unlimited data service?

Why hasn’t republic wireless gone back to offering unlimited data when all other companies are dying it

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Hi @antoniov and welcome to the Community!

I don’t believe you’ll get a definitive answer as to why. Republic does realize there are those who would like an unlimited option. While it won’t change anything in the short run, this may be of interest to you: A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!.

Service improvements are among the goals.

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Hi @antoniov,

How much data do you currently use, and how would you use data differently if it were unlimited?

What kind of price would you find comfortable for unlimited data?

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Hi @southpaw,

I am not the original poster, but could provide my personal response. I currently have 2gb of data/month. My girlfriend and I both of expressed on multiple occasions how we would love if Republic Wireless had a continuous Unlimited Plan that we could easily switch to and then switch out of when needed through the app just like how the normal plans are currently structured. This is because we are both students and live in two different locations. Our location near our school has WiFi, but our other location does not. We would want to have access to an unlimited plan while at our other location during the 4-5 months per year that we are there and then return to our normal plan once back in school. I wouldn’t be using it all the time since I still go to work there and use the WiFi there. Our ideal cost would be less than or equal to $50 if that is sustainable for your business mode;. (Of course less than that would be preferred because we are broke college students, but I understand that Republic Wireless still needs to create a profit.)

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mattheww123 i could have not said it any better it is all about the profit and not the customer

Thanks for a very thoughtful answer, @mattheww123!

Most “unlimited” plans do have a cap where speeds may be reduced. Do you know how much data you use in a month now, WiFi and cell combined?

This statement can be true in industries where there are monopolies or duopolies but not in competitive industries. Companies that don’t care about their customers don’t make profits and conversely, companies that don’t have profits have no customers, because they’re out of business.

The cell phone business is one of the most competitive industries out there. Companies that don’t deliver for a specific customer base go out of business. From Amp’d Mobile to Disney Mobile to Edge Wireless to Jump Mobile to LA Cellular to Nextel to SunCom to Voce and lots of others this business is littered with the corpses of customers who didn’t listen to their customers.

So, while “profit and not the customer” is a lovely platitude in this market it literally can’t be true.

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Hi @southpaw,

I apologize for the delay in my response. I looked up my separate data usage from last month and it looks like I used 2.5gb of mobile data and 46gb of WiFi data. This brings me to a total of 48.5gb. Of the WiFi data, the vast majority of that was due to browsing Reddit which can easily be reduced on my end as I really only browse it when I am connected to WiFi. I totally understand that there could/would be a data cap to help manage the data consumption and would help ensure I don’t use Reddit while on mobile data as I wouldn’t want to have lower speeds after the first few days of the month!

Thanks, @mattheww123,

It’s very helpful to try to understand how much data people want or need. I think the reason most people want an “unlimited” plan is so they can do the same things they do on WiFi without having to think about curbing their use, so while you say you could limit your reddit browsing, other users of an unlimited plan wouldn’t be so gracious.

It’s fascinating that you’re using ~50GB a month and you’re not even streaming content like movies or audio. :exploding_head:

I’d love to see some more examples from others in our Community.

I use at least 25 - 40 GB/month, mostly wifi, as I try very hard not to use any cellular data. I have the 1gb plan and more often than not, I’m close at the end if the month. My kids can’t use my phone to hotspot for school. With summer almost here, I will run out of data much faster. I will look for places to go with the kids, traveling more. In my area, the parks don’t have wifi.

I am also a personal shopper. I’m unable to accept jobs at stores like Aldi, Costco, Big Lots, etc, because they don’t have wifi. I have to connect to the shopping service while in the store and scan each item as I pick it up. All of this uses cellular data. These stores have more opportunities for me to pick up shopping orders but I am unable to do so because of the Wi-Fi situation. I also have to use my cellular data when performing the shopping services to communicate with the customer using Google maps, and then looking for my next order once the current order is delivered. In just one day, I am able to use about .5 gb total data. This is why I only accept order from stores that I know have Wi-Fi.

During the school year, I am in car line for about an hour every afternoon. My kids are on the same campus but they get out of different times. I am sitting in car line playing on my phone, usually email, facebook, Instagram, while waiting for my kids to get out of school. The school does not offer a free public Wi-Fi option.

I thought long and hard about this and I may end up having to leave Republic and go to Total wireless because for $25 a month I can get unlimited. :disappointed:

  • 8 GB cellular data pre-pandemic (streaming during work hours)
  • 0.5 GB cellular data during pandemic (I don’t get out much)
  • Probably back to 8 GB post pandemic (assuming they don’t just decide we can work from home indefinitely)

You might want to take a closer look at that Total Wireless “unlimited” plan for $25. It looks like the first 1 GB is high-speed with unlimited 2G (very slow) cell data after that. Would rather slow data meet the needs you outline?

Another consideration is Total Wireless uses Verizon’s network. From a coverage standpoint, Verizon’s network is generally among the best if not the best in most areas. There is, however, something known as deprioritization. When Verizon’s network is congested, Verizon deprioritizes cell data for resellers like Total Wireless. In my experience, Verizon’s network is congested in lots of places and deprioritized data can be well unuseable.

There are other “unlimited” options in the market. You might want to look at one using AT&T’s or T-Mobile’s network if you truly need unlimited.

Not really. That’s a 1GB LTE plan with “unlimited” 2g data. 2g data is completely useless in most cases.

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