Why have the Federal Fees gone up so astronomically?

The outrageous sudden increases Fees and Taxes must be pushed back against!
When the math is done this is what we see has happened in two short months:

State USF up about 24%!
Federal USF up about 46%!
Federal Compliance Fee up over 336%!!!

Are you kidding me?!? When this kind of an increase is calculated to add up all the extra money now being collected by these State and (most particularly) Federal agencies (largely bureaucratic which have no real accountability to the people) this is beyond absurd, it’s pure extortion, because I can guarantee you the voting public would never approve of the appropriation of this money, especially for several of the purposes they are using it for!

Republic will likely tell us there is nothing they can do because these same Federal bureaucrats hold the power over their company’s license to operate as a cellphone provider and Republic Wireless just has to do whatever they say, no matter how draconian it may be.

However, if they pushed RW to collect fees that were so wrong and high that they would lose their customers and business, they would certainly speak up then, of this there is no doubt. Yet, if they willingness to push back only starts at the place where it hurts them personally, no matter of how wrong or costly it is for others, then it’s only a matter of time before it will come to their doorstep too. As Benjamin Franklin said, either we all hang together, or we will all be hanged separately.

The Republic Wireless Leadership should push back with a letter of protest to to these self-serving bureaucrats and tell them they have angered a great deal of the Company’s customer base (because most would be angry if they actually knew what was going on) and they need to reconsider they overreach of taxes and fees that they are pushing on the people, before the pitchforks and torches start heading their direction.


It is easy to throw big numbers out there, but let’s interject a little context here.

For my state fee change was $0.02. For Federal compliance, about $0.39 and for Federal USF $0.35. So, all together, about $0.75.

Right now, I’ve got a lot more things on my mind to fight about than $0.75.


Yes, but it’s death by 1000 cuts, and it kinda sounds like your are not even aware that you’re getting cut all over. Plus 75 cents times the total number of cell phones (over 300,000,000?) that’s some serious extortion money, and do you even know what they are doing with it? The time for sleeping and slowly bleeding to death is over for the wise. For soon, the tsunami of corruption and chaos will swallow this nation whole and our freedom and wealth will be annihilated. If you think I’m exaggerating then just wait until November.

I’m a bit too worried about the axe swinging at my head to worry about accumulating enough paper cuts to make a difference.

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By axe swinging he probably means fear of losing one’s job. I know that’s my real concern. And should that happen, yes, I’ll be visiting a psychologist.


end of the day the Republic Wireless does not add fees that are not required by the government taxing authorities (local, state, fed) so if the rates go up by said authorities of course Republic will pass those on.

The People put those authorities in their position by either direct voting or via appointments by those directly elected (and I can tell up that a company with less that 1 million customers (mostly likely around 300-400 thousand but I could be way of in either direction) the Fed will not really look at the complaint (and states have even smaller number of customers in the)

Percentages are meaningless with out content (big different if 4 cents is raised to 5 cents for a 25% increase than $4 raised to $5 for same percentages) and though I agree even a $1 increase across all cell phones is a lot of money it still just a drip compared to the Fed budget

that’s my(just a customer) 2 cents

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Agree that the taxes are pretty much minimum.

However, I’m surprised your taxes are so low. They tax us more in my area:

Fed USF Cellular - Federal


E911 (Wireless) - State


Statutory Gross Receipts NFR (Wireless) - State


Federal Compliance Fee - Federal


Communications Service Tax NFR - Local


Communications Service Tax NFR - State


As @cbwahlstrom indicated, with 15% unemployment, 33% decrease in GDP, rising Covid rates, inability to see my elderly parent, etc etc, I have FAR more pressing things on my mind than $0.75.


I’m appreciative that Republic collects our taxes separately, rather than “bundle” them into a higher bill. It doesn’t address your point directly, but consider the millions of people with other providers that paying those taxes and don’t even know it. These tiny taxes don’t bother me. And here in NJ, we are not charged sales tax on the data portion, which Republic bills separately, so that’s a little (pennies) savings over the other companies that collect the tax on the entire bill. It’s just nice to see RW doing it the right way.

As louisdi said, there are bigger things to worry about.


To those who plan to participate in the sacking: federal government allows small butane or propane handheld-type torches. Pitchforks must have no more than five tines, each tine may be no more than 15 inches in length. Remember to wear your face mask. I hope this helps.


The government has mandated that all pitchforks be made of soft rubber. Do they know something their not telling us?

terryj - Not real sure. “But it COULD be worse - it could be raining!”

Actually, where I’m from rain is a good thing.

Ours increased 2.95 which seems like a small amount. It is small because our costs with republic are reasonable if you were with another company the increase would be substantially more. The government agencies as they are currently will continue to take our money. They will do a little at a time until you are drowning in debt. They are trying to take our democracy down the same way. We have to fight now or later we won’t be able to fight.

Angel is awake, sadly though he is one of too few who are.

Most likely as in most cases of higher taxes it goes to pay for the people who can’t afford the service. Our government pays people cell phone bills for them. Apparently cell phones have become a necessity

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