Why I Left... and Why I Came Back



Hi All,

Just wanted to share a few thought on my time away from Republic Wireless.

Background: I first became interest in Republic Wireless back in 2012 - when they were in Beta. Since 2010, I had been using Google Voice. (In fact, I signed up when it was announced Google was purchasing GrandCentral). To me, the notion of a “cloud-based” phone number and the ability to make calls through the web (WiFi Calling) made so much sense. I loved the idea of Google Voice being a “mobile office.” When I read about Republic Wireless in 2012 - it seemed perfect - other than initial phone selection. I then began following Republic Wireless.

Flash Forward to July 2014… I was on a family plan on Verizon Wireless. Everyone but my father had smartphones. He has a basic flip phone for which his share of the bill was $35. For his birthday in July we got him a Republic Moto G and put him on the $10 plan. He didn’t initially want the smart phone but was blown away by the cost - and service. Soon enough, he was bragging to all his friends about his $10 smart phone plans.

My mother joined in December 2014. Waiting out my contract, I initially joined in August of 2015.

Personally, I LOVED savings and LOVED the WiFi calling. At my old job in CO - my building was so large I had little cell reception. At my new job - I am in a complete deadspot. Republic solved that problem. My colleagues were blown away that I was able to make calls and text (before WiFi calling started to take off.). Furthermore, they didn’t believe the cost was so long.

In December 2016 - I tried out the MintSIM promo. I was on MintSIM until March 2017. I then tried Cricket until June 2017… and finally just switched back. While I certainly liked some aspects of both - the whole time I wish I had Republic’s WiFi calling (and price).

Why I Switched?:

  1. Coverage: Neither the CDMA or GSM carrier on Republic Wireless are great in my area (NH). My original CDMA phone had decent enough talk/text roaming. I found GSM to be slightly more limited in terms of talk/text roaming.
  2. More Data - MintSIM offered a great multi-month discount on a LOT of data. (I had been doing fine with 1GB on Republic but required a lot of management). Likewise, at the $30 mark Cricket offered more data than Republic (I also liked the International Roaming for Canada as I occasionally travel there) - so I gave it a go.
  3. Why Not? I knew - and planned to come back to Republic if needed. Might as well try competitors.

Why I Came Back

  1. WiFi Calling/ Bonded Calling MintSIM offers WiFI calling on a handful of models of phones - but Republic gives WAY more options (including my Moto Z). Cricket offers NO WiFi calling. I knew the WiFi Calling was nice when visiting family up in rural areas and at work but I didn’t realize how much I would miss it. Several deadspots (either location or because of building) that drive me crazy.
  2. Customer Service - Republic Wireless is friendly, helpful, and incredibly responsive. In addition to amazing, welcoming staff (kudos to @southpaw to reaching out) - the community is great. I am glad to be a member again.

So… hope this helps!

Glad to be back!

  • Finch

Convince me to stay!
Introducing the My Choice Plan

Welcome back! We are glad to have you back :slight_smile: .


Thanks for sharing your journey with The Republic community @Finch. Really great stuff here!

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been with Cricket, too, and I’ve recommended people to switch to Cricket. I have been a little interested in the MintSim offer as well, but I’ve not tried it. However, I just recommended a family to go to RW while they were in the US, and they’re able to use the wifi only 2.0 plan on their 1st Gen Moto X overseas where they live.

I’ve been with RW for now 2+ years. However, about a year ago, I went with another carrier that I hadn’t been with before. I thought that my signal would be better than RW, so that justified to me paying the higher price point. However, I found that this cellphone company had some of the same dead zones I had with RW. When I kept on getting dropped calls with this company, I realized that some areas where I was driving had dead zones for different carriers–including Verizon (I believe) and US Cellular. Before my 30 days were even over with this cellphone provider, I decided to switch back to RW.

I really liked the lower price and innovation of RW, and I wanted to be a part of it again. Approximately one year later, I’m still with RW, and that’s really big because I’m definitely not afraid to switch cellphone companies. I’ve been with around 6 cellphone carriers in the past 7 years.


@franklinm.wx8mce Thanks for sharing… sounds much like my experience. Unless you are extremely rural… deadspots tend to fall in similar areas anyway. Really like what Republic offers so far.

My only hopes for the future are:

  1. Slightly Cheaper Data (Whether it be bulk purchase or otherwise).
  2. “Roaming” or slightly more coverage (multiple carriers like Project Fi)


Welcome Back @Finch :tada:
Glad to see Support and this Community helped you make the decision to come back to RW! We’re glad you are here.


Blockquote Appreciate you coming back!