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My wife and I have been a customer of Republic since nearly the start with Defy XTs followed by a Moto X-1 and Moto E-2. I had wanted to try a smartphone for some time, but refused to pay the high prices charged by big providers. Republic’s model seemed to fit my needs at the time - affordable, no contract, inexpensive phones. I’ve had a number of problems along the way. Most were resolved fairly quickly. Some dragged on for months unitl a new release Android release from Motorola finally came along. My most recent problem is a dead camera on the X which many are also blaming on Motorola because it appeared with a recent upgrade. It looked like replacing the phone was going to be the only solution. As it turns out, it was also the straw that broke the camel’s back. I switched to US Cellular this past weekend. Having been a customer for so long, I feel I needed to provide some feedback to others that may be in a similar situation. So here’s why I finally left…

  • Phone issues. The Moto X camera issue is one. Dropped calls, no incoming rings, dead outgoing calls on my wife’s phone was becoming overwhelming. The support team’s fallback option always seemed to come down to a hard reset, which I did once and lost data. Not willing to do that again.

  • Network issues. SMS messages hung in the cloud for hours, even days - both incoming and outgoing. Not real often, but much more than anyone else I knew.

  • Coverage issues. I live in WI and Sprint has coverage in the larger cities and along (some) of the Interstate highways. I live near both, so no issue locally. The two locations I travel to most often have no Sprint service, resulting in roaming rates. I can avoid most of those rates, but the worst consequence of roaming is that Republic sucks the battery down from 100% to 0 in just a few hours looking for a Sprint tower that is not there and won’t be there until I hit the road again. That occurs even when connected to WIFI. It is a big problem, and I don’t think they are looking at it.

  • Limited phone selection. I’m tired of Motorola. The alternative is Samsung, and mighty pricy at that. I wanted to try an iPhone - not an option at Republic.

  • Support. Sure, the forums work for a lot of issues and concerns. But sometimes you need to talk to a real support person. I don’t think I ever actually talked to anyone at Republic. I don’t even know if they have a phone number available to call.

  • Spam calls. Two or three per day, every day. Credit card interest, car warranty, on and on.

  • Frequent phone shutdowns. The Moto X shuts down every few days or weeks. I think the battery is dead, but it shows plenty of power when I plug it in. Power it up, and it spends the next 20-30 mins “optimizing apps”. If I had an emergency during this time, forget about dialing 911, or anyone for that matter.

The bottom line is, it works well for users in large cities that don’t travel to rural areas. It can save you a lot of money, but that comes at a price - limited support, limited coverage, limited selection and uncertain reliability. That was adequate for me for several years, but now I expect more.

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Hi @johnnyd
I see you have only 1 post in the new community, I don’t know what you did in the old community. I am sorry to see you go, it is your ultimate choice.
I just feel that if you gave the community a shot at fixing your laundry list I would bet 90% can be fixed with some one on one time with a willing volunteer to work through the issues. The people here are the greatest group of diverse talents in all areas of technology. I offer you to possibly work through this in the community where many can help or one on one with an expert.


Sprint is the wrong service for someone in Wisconsin. I suspect many of your issues are related to poor Sprint coverage. In Wisconsin, you will probably want US Cellular or Verizon.

Yes, the battery in the X1 probably needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, Motorola gooped the phone together, plus the NFC chip is also stuck to the battery with goop. This makes replacing the battery a difficult project but some folks have done it.

In addition to the battery issue, I suspect that the phone will not get the Bluetooth security issue update. Bottom line, it’s time to buy a new phone.

I’ve never found an iphone to be an inexpensive cell phone. But if your new provider is bundling the cost of the phone in your monthly bill, maybe that works for you.

I’ve never too many issues with my service. So phone support has been a nonissue for me.

Anyhow, when replacing a old phone it’s good to take a look at the competition. In your case, better cell service is a good reason to leave.

Good luck with your new carrier.



I understand your frustration. I live in Raleigh, the home city of Republic Wireless and have used a Moto X2 for the last 3 years. –I had Sprint service prior to switching to RW (with an iPhone 5), and had been with them for about 12 years, so I was used to mediocre cell service. I loved the idea of RW and honestly, had I not had WiFi calling for the last 2 years, I wouldn’t have had any mobile service at my new home over the past two years. The service has been mediocre at best, both on cellular and on WiFi, but it was all I had.

But I must say that the new 3.0 plans and phones are infinitely better. I switched to a Moto Z Play almost 2 weeks ago and my call quality has been infinitely better. I don’t know if it’s the newer phone, the 3.0 plan, or 4G LTE vs 3G (I had the “unlimited plan” and never switched to the Refund plan), but the difference in call quality is so much better for me now. –Unfortunately, I don’t thin this particular phone is for me though.

I wish you luck with your new phones and your new provider, and I understand your reasons for leaving. I hope that one day RW might work for you again and that we might see you return.


Well, you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. In the personal mobile communications arena, it is almost impossible to be all things to all people. None of the providers have been able to that, yet, and Republic is no exception. But, Republic has carved out their position in the market and they’re doing a great job with it.


I don’t begrudge anyone from leaving Republic and maybe I will one day, but it is still the best option for me. I do think that you might have unrealistic expectation of how long a smartphone should last. though.

So upgrades tend to bring out underlying issues or sometimes the issue was already there and some notice it after the upgrade. I typically always factory reset my phone before any upgrade. Upgrades work best on a clean slate. A Moto X 1st gen if bought at the very end of the time it was in the online store would be at least two years old. I think if it were bought at the beginning of the time it was offered would be over three. I didn’t look up the dates and just went from memory. Anyway, the average life span of a smartphone is around 18 months. Your Moto X 1st gen had a very long life in comparison. Anyone buying a smartphone and expecting more than two years out of it is in my opinion unrealistic. I hope to get more than two out of my S7 Edge, but haven’t planned on it.

There is a larger selection of phones than just Samsung and Motorola. You can look up phone’s that are compatible here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

Most of the time spam calling issues can be resolved by staff when putting in a ticket.

This most likely gets back to the idea that your phone is getting old when it comes to shutting down. Typically, I reboot my phone daily. That is always a good idea no matter the age. The optimization of the apps is also typically caused by a couple of things. My recommendation for this is try not to let the phone die to prevent this and only hold the power button for 2-3 seconds when you try to turn it on. Also, remove it from the charger.

Anyway, I wish you well with US Cellular and maybe Republic will be a good fit for you in the future. The comments on some of your points was only to help other customers that read this post. I hope it comes of that way.

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