Why I'm sticking with Republic


Beta member here. I’ve been here first with a DEFY XT, then Moto X and now a Samsung S7. Had a few issues along the way, most of them by my own doing.

Whenever I’ve needed help, it was always quick (enough anyway, I don’t need instant service). Usually within an hour or less. By using the community I can get help within minutes. Certainly good enough for me.

I have noticed some community users go crazy, and get angry -even hostile, when their problem isn’t simple, or fixed quickly. I find myself sympathetic. My wife says I’m grouchy, irritable and downright mean when any electronic device doesn’t behave. No excuse for it, but certainly understandable.

My latest challenge was with a coverage issue at a second location. After a back and forth with the ambassadors (awesome people helpers!) I submitted a ticket. Next day a new SIM Card arrives via fed x. Can’t beat that service! I didn’t read the instructions and screwed up the installation. I know, easy, who could mess up something so simple…

Another round with the community, another help ticket, and I got an email for a phone call help! Awesome. Took a few hours to fix it, but it was fixed.

In summary, RW help is awesome. Everyone wants to ensure a good experience for the users, and most of my problems were my own doing anyway.

Can’t beat the price (3.0) $15 plan (less 10% for beta) and I’m a very happy camper.

Wife is on the same plan. $30 month total for great service. Go green RW!!


I’m in the same boat after four years and would say RW is awesome in general. Will be here for the hopefully long duration unless my data needs dramatically increase or encounter coverage issues.


What an awesome share @scotto. Thanks for taking the time to make your voice heard.

Our Experts and Ambassadors are always on point, so they’ve already seen your ringing endorsement. Our Community manager, @southpaw, and I will be sure to share your kudos with the rest of Republic team as well.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.

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Totally different take about a longtime customer who may be switching if he does not get help real soon

I have a friend I referred to RW a few years back. He has been using a Moto E since first joining with only a few “minor” issues along the way that he relied on me to help him with. Anyway the phone recently started having battery issues and I suggested that he just buy a newer Moto G4 Play phone and be set for a few more years. He did and its been a HORRIBLE experience for him AND me as I am the one he calls daily to explain how he cannot get any response from RW to CALL him to discuss. It seems his phone will not pick up certain towers…most importantly the one nearest his house. His old Moto E had no such issues.

Anyway…Its shows a crack in RW’s CS that exposes itself when a less than tech savvy customer buys a RW phone and cannot get the direct help required to resolve it. He has opened a ticket and got nowhere.

He needs help and fast


Thanks for letting us know @stay_thirsty. We’ll work with our Support Engineers to get this back on track for your friend straight away.

NOTE: I edited your post to remove the personal information.


Let us know how this problem gets resolved as I am sure your friend is probably not the only one who has experienced such undesired “dropping of the ball” customer service technical issues; its alway helpful to know any additional details as they can certainly happen quite easily to somone else quite commonly; RW customers should of course never have to even have to consider going through something like this; its never a good idea to drop the ball on a RW customer; and I always have a backup MVNO cell service provider waiting in the wings as a contingency backup plan; mine is H20 Wireless as they are an ATT MVNO cell service affiliate provider with very reasonable data plan monthly rates of $30 for 3Gb data monthly with unlimited talk, text and messaging; cell tower signal strength is on parity with Verizon so its a definite upgrade since RW uses Sprint which is not as good quality; that is to be sure and they actually have retail a strong presence inside of Best Buy retail stores; I have two H20 Wireless stores located inside Best Buy retail stores locally within five miles of where I live; where I can get easily and readily get quite effective one on one customer help to ones satisfaction first time around; I do prefer the efficiency and added productivity of face to face live customer service help for free; as that is not lost on me at all; that is definitely worth something to me nowadays; I will not ever be taken for granted by RW or H20 Wireless for that matter; I also use whistleout.com to help locate addtional competing MVNO discount providers also as well if my data needs change to go above 2Gb RW is not a good deal at all whatsover I can tell you for sure in both my macroeconomic and microeconomic technical value for the money analysis so far!!

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As of about 11 Am this morning my friend called me to say he finally got a tech support call from RW due to me reaching out and Ryan picking up the issue. He said the problem may be as simple as swapping sim cards on the phone and that is what they will try first which was pretty simple and none of his fault. He is a longtime RW customer who really is only here because of my recommendation but at times I second guess that I did it for obvious reasons. RW really needs a fail-safe way to be sure this does not happen. If I were not tech savvy as I am then this issue would still be floundering in the depths. How many more never get the help they deserve because they dont know how?


Thank you Ryan…He called and said he received the help he needed and hopefully will get the ship righted. Sorry to post his number…I knew it was not the best way but from where I was sitting it looked like the only way at the time.


Hi @stay_thirsty

Glad to hear the issue is in good hands.

I just wanted to point out that RW has always relied on the members within the forum to provide the first line of support. Not having a ‘call-center’ is one of the ways RW keeps it’s cost’s down, since it’s inception.

While I will not suggest the “ball” is never dropped, I think it is just as likely that someone new to RW (or… the community) simply doesn’t understand the online support concept, and how valuable and efficient it can be.
Anyone with an issue or a problem should open a thread, and if a ticket is required/suggested, they should post the ticket number in this forum if it goes silent, and someone will review the thread:alert support.

I think @erolsdaniel58 made some very good points, and that most forum regulars would agree, whole-heartily.

Glad your friend got some support and I hope @erolsdaniel58 opens a thread/topic if there is an existing issue/problem, and maybe the community can offer some advice or suggest a solution.

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I agree to a point… RW (to my knowledge) does not provide prospective customers with a competency test which would prove them capable of navigating things like forums or help tickets. We could argue that in 2017 every living soul should be able to handle such simple task but facts are …many cannot.

In my friend case they did actually “drop the ball” and the tech said as much when he reached out to him today. A ticket was opened two days ago…all my friend got were generic emails asking him for feedback and no call was made until I posted the issue above.

Having said that…RW should have a easier method of getting help to these customers than is currently available.


Would you like a gov’t regulation licensing all mobile users prior to sign up?


Me thinks you missed the point…


Thanks for the follow up @stay_thirsty. Glad to hear we made some forward progress with your friend’s issue. We fully recognize that when you refer us to friends & family, you put your neck out a bit in doing so. I appreciate you looping us so we can make things right.

Our ultimate goal here is to offer three viable channels for support – assisted, self-service, and peer-to-peer (Community, Expert Chat, Social, etc.). Our belief is that Members deserve to get high quality support, with the least amount of effort. As @c1tobor points out, our Community Ambassadors and Member Experts are an amazing group of mobile technologists who are more than willing and often time resolve issues at the speed of conversation.

With that said, depending on the issue at hand one channel may be more effective/appropriate for resolution than the others. In this case, we clearly should have done a better job in Assisted Support, especially if this ends up being a coverage issue. We can’t resolve that in Self-Service or the Community, only diagnose it.

More work to be done, but making progress.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.


Why I have already changed from RW.

Let me count the ways: poor reception in rural areas, dropped calls to go with that, poor reception in my own home with my wifi streaming flawlessly for movies, etc, poor products- having gone through 4 moto phones in the last years (kinda makes the savings on the monthly bills disappear), poor service (to whom do I speak? tried the community- what a joke), RW happy to be able to chat on line with me to sell me a phone but no service afterwards. (Don’t buy the Huawei Nexus as I was advised- I can list the problems)

So back to Verizon. Better reception in the rural areas I travel. Had a problem with my service being cut off which lost my long term cell number (and you all know what that means). Went to a Verizon corporate store and the nice, imaginative clerk spent two hours solving my problem with no charge. $50/mo total for 2 gigs, better reception and someone on the other end of the line or whom I can see face to face is pretty good seems like a good deal.

So, RW good if you are lucky with their products, don’t need your problems solved and don’t live in the country.


Hi @eugened.am8igg!

I am sorry that you had such a bad experience. That’s definitely not the experience Republic want it’s customers to have. However, I am glad that you have found a solution that works for you! I hope that sometimes in the future, you will consider Republic again.



I can assume as you are an RW ambassador that you are not an RW employee. And if this is so, it simply gives emphasis to my point. And you haven’t really answered my issues.

It is easy to dismiss me as an unsatisfied customer with a single bad experience. As you can tell from my note, I haven’t had a single bad experience but many.

I had been a faithful RW customer, having purchased 5 phones over the years I was with RW. Service and quality of products as well as coverage has dramatically declined.

Attempts to try to reconcile this leads back to a forum to answer my problems.
Customer service after the sale is not a feature with RW


Hi @eugened.am8igg!

You are correct in that I am not employed by Republic. I chose Republic because of the price and because of the extremely nice people that work for them. I am not dismissing the problems. You have already moved on so I didn’t try to troubleshoot. Additionally, troubleshooting is not my strong point. Fellow ambassadors as well as Experts are much better at that than I am (as they have much more knowledge than I do). I will say that this is not the norm or else no one would be using Republic. All that being said, it sounds like maybe coverage wasn’t adequate where you live/go.



This is why I quit posting/helping out posts like this. When you used the coverage checker how did it show your area when you signed up? Most responses are sketchy at most, but it showed I lived in a crap area. No phone can make up for your location. Then when you post a response like this the trolls jump in. I’ve had my highs and lows here but my 2 phones still casy me less than $25/month. If I had spotty coverage and decide to try a different phone and that one still didn’t give me quality service that would have been my cue to bail not 3 phones more later. It doesn’t work for everyone. When you beat a dead horse it’s still dead…

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Are those questions directed at me? The coverage checked doesn’t show a map anymore. It will decide (based on more info than a map provides) whether GSM or CDMA coverage is better.



The current coverage check results can sometimes be just as sketchy as the prior maps.

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