Why is BYOP not supported in my area if the phone is on the BYOP list?

I have read through some of the forums, but I still do not understand the problem. I want to buy a Moto G4 Play from eBay for half the price RW is listing (AND the G4 is out of stock on RW), but it says BYOP is not supported in my area. How can this be since it is the very same phone? There is a lot of discussion about GSM and CDMA that I don’t fully understand, but I do know that the G4 has both, so I don’t understand why this is an issue. Thanks for any help you can offer to this not-very-tech-savvy person!

Hi @dawnt.tu6tps!

I can definitely understand why you are confused. I will do my best to clear this up! First, Republic uses the towers of two different carriers. Republic has contractual agreements with these partners so we tend not to use there actual names. GSM and CDMA are acronyms we use here in the community to distinguish the two partners. The error is saying that the Republic’s GSM partner’s coverage in your area has been determined to be inadequate. The good news is that Republic has a CDMA partner as well. However, BYOD is not available to the public yet for CDMA (which is why it’s saying it’s not available)-it’s still being tested so you can’t purchase one.

All that being said, here is what I propose you do: I would suggest going ahead and buying the SIM anyway and ignoring the error. After activation and using the phone for a few weeks, If you notice that the cell reception is poor, then open a help ticket and Republic support should be able to move you over to their CDMA partner.

As far as buying the phone goes, just make sure it is not reported lost or stolen or has any unpaid bills on it. As long as it doesn’t have any of the above, it should be just fine to activate!

I hope I have answered all you questions. If you have any further questions or if anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask!



adding a bit more on what CDMA and GSM (and LTE) are
these are cell network technology used by the major carriers
CDMA is the 2nd and 3rd generation (well 2.5 gen really) used by Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular

GSM is the 2nd and 3rd generation used by T-mobile and AT&T (though 2nd gen is current being phased out)

LTE is the 4th generation all carriers (and is base off GSM)

Now the real reason we use CDMA partner and GSM partner is that the Republic contracts with the GSM partner forbid Republic from naming the GSM partner
I under no contract and can name them as T-Mobile
it also well known that the CDMA partner is Sprint
T-Mobile’s MVNO Maps Republic’s GSM partner
Sprint maps Republics CDMA partner

SIMs are a GSM requirement (and LTE as it is an evolved from GSM) CDMA carriers use SIM only to access LTE and do so differently than GSM carriers
GSM everything is registered though the SIM and to change phones one simply move the SIM over to the another compatible phone
CDMA every thing is registered though the phones (via it’s MEID) even the SIM is linked to that (which is one reason we don’t have BYOD on CDMA yet) the SIM just lets a registered phone used the carriers LTE network

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Just a comment for the clarity of others who may read this this thread:

If anyone orders a phone from us or joins us with a compatible phone from elsewhere, we most definitely want to provide adequate service.
If coverage is a concern, please do open a support ticket as @mb2x has suggested. If we determine that providing a different SIM will improve the coverage situation, then we will do that. Please understand, though, not every type of phone can support an alternate SIM card, and not every address will see improved coverage with an alternate SIM.


Nice summary. I find it truly unfortunate to need to resort to referencing GSM vs. CDMA as a means of differentiating Republic’s cellular partners, though given Republic’s contractual obligations I’ll admit to not having a better idea. There is nothing inherent to either technology that pertains to coverage per se.

How do I get a SIM card? When I say I’ll bring my own phone, the only option it gives me is to shop for a phone. I’d like to go ahead and order the SIM card so it is here by the time the phone gets here. I see that Amazon sells them for $5. Is that the easiest/best way to get it?

It looks like the main BYOD want to check coverage and phone compatibility before letting you order you can by pass it here

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Hi @dawnt.tu6tps!

You can get them on Amazon or Republic. Those are both links so click or tap on them to go the the respective pages. I hope that helps!


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