Why Is Extend Home Always On?

I know while I’m at home my cell phone uses WiFi… but it’s rather nutty that if I get a call BOTH my home and cell phones will ring and if it’s a spam call… it still goes through to the home phone.

Nuttier still is if I’m away from home… a call then goes to both my away cell phone AND the home phones.

Is there anyway when I’m at home and the cell phone is on… that calls ONLY go to the cell phone not the Extend Home phone as well?


Hi @robbs,

I’m afraid there’s no such functionality available at this time, though the team has some ideas similar to yours for future improvements.

Thanks for responding. So even when I’m away… and my cell phone is off wifi the Extend Home will ALWAYS ring???

This is a seriously deficient product. I have a cordless phone system that mates to a cell phone but I thought Extend Home would be better because I could at least shut my phone down, which it is most of the time. But then I get all the spam calls…

I second this. My phone’s spam blocking is quite good, but my extend home just rings and rings. I’m close to unplugging it.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let the developers know you’re eager for some of the additional functionality they have envisioned.

Do you have spam call blocking enabled in the Republic app?

This is actually exactly why I purchased this product. I don’t find this to be a deficiency but rather the TOP reason I purchased the device.


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