Why is it so confusing to leave?


I purchased a new Moto E4 about 11 days ago, along with the $15 base plan and 1GB of data, and with taxes the service came to just under $25.00 per month. This phone is a backup for me, and for my grandson to use when he visits. While trying out Republic on my new E4 phone, I stumble onto another wireless provider who has a limited talk, unlimited text, and less 4GB data but unlimited 2G data for a lot less money per month, so I decided I would leave Republic Wireless service but keep the Moto E4 phone and use it with the new provider as their plan better fits my use case (I am not listing the provider name or their pricing to stay within the posting rules as I understand them).

I understood that RW does not have live support, but this forum says just open a ticket, and they will help you. I opened ticket 1369968 and explained I wanted to keep my new phone, cancel my RW service, and that I expected a full refund for the service, as it is within the 14 day Money Back Guarantee period.

Instead of just doing this, the agent pointed me to a page to cancel my service, and pointed me to a page that showed I would get a pro-rated refund on the service, and not a full refund. When I filled out the page to cancel my service that he pointed me to, it generated a return shipping label for my phone, which I clearly stated in my ticket that I DO NOT WANT TO RETURN. This should have been a simple request, but has become very confusing on how to do it, and what the service refund policy really is. Just open a ticket did not work in my case!

My new wireless provider has support people who answer the phone and were happy to let me know they support my new E4 phone at a monthly rate I can better afford.


Good feedback. If you don’t want to return the phone, just ignore the return label. As for the pro-rated refund, I don’t know what’s going on there. If you cancelled in the first 14 days you should receive a full refund as far as I can tell.


Hi @ericez,

We try to make the member experience as self-service as possible, with the purpose of support tickets being to solve those issues that members cannot solve on their own - things that require staff intervention. We have help articles intended to make the self-service experience as clear as possible.

Typically we do try to steer members toward the self-service option, so that they can quickly and capably handle future requests themselves. I would agree, though, that there’s no point in doing so when a member is canceling since it’s likely not something they’ll need to know how to do again. In cases where we can do so, we could take care of the action for the member, while still providing the documentation so they have the information for next time. I’ll make sure your feedback is heard.

The shipping label (and the reminder E-mails you’ll receive) are built into the cancellation process when the member cancels in the first 14 days. They would be sent to you regardless of whether you cancelled or whether we did it for you. Please simply disregard them.

As to the refund, you are correct. Our refund policy varies depending on the age of the account. Upon reviewing your ticket, I see that our agent did make a mistake in referencing the document for service outside of the 14-day period and that he had already replied acknowledging this mistake and apologizing for it before you posted here.

I’m sorry that this experience with our support staff did not meet your expectations, and I wish you all the best with your new service provider.