Why is it that 'help' is rarely helpful?

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I asked RW help:
‘Before I order a moto g stylus from Republic, I want to also include my request for a CDMA SIM at the same time to avoid having to wait. There is no GSM service where I live and I have been through this before. How do I order my CDMA SIM at the same time as the moto g stylus?’

Since I have been a RW customer for many years and understand what is necessary for RW service to work in my area, I already know that I need a CDMA SIM. Any RW employee could look at my account and see that I use a CDMA SIM card.

The response from RW was:
‘When you place a new phone order, the system checks to see if what is the best SIM network for you based on the Zip code that you will provide. For now, we’ll need to wait until you have placed a phone order since it’s possible that it will come with a CDMA SIM card. We will also keep this ticket open so we could check and monitor if what SIM card will come with your new phone and rest assured that we’ll expedite a CDMA SIM card for you (for free!) if it does not come with a CDMA SIM card.’

To me, this reply seems canned/scripted and not helpful since the RW help person did not even bother to check if I currently use a CDMA SIM, nor did they offer a process to obtain a new CDMA SIM card for those RW customers who know FOR CERTAIN that they will need one. Instead, RW is not helpful and expects the customer to waste their time waiting for two separate shipments… one for the new phone and one for the CDMA SIM.

Why do I stay with RW? I don’t know… maybe I am too cheap to look elsewhere and perhaps enjoy the comical, non-helpful responses from RW? :wink:

Hi @markd.eithga,

I’m sorry the response you received did not meet your expectations.

The simple fact is that it’s not “Help”'s fault that the answer you received isn’t the answer you wanted. There is simply no way for our Help Team to adjust an order so that it includes one type of SIM card or another. The agents helping you are not able to re-engineer the existing fulfillment and shipping process.

What they have suggested is that they will watch to see how your order ships and will expedite a CDMA SIM card if one is not included with the phone. Ideally, the expedited SIM card order will reach you with no additional wait time. This is done at an additional expense to Republic, but no additional charge to you.

I’m sorry our processes are not built to better support members in your circumstance.


OK. I’ll look for service elsewhere where obtaining everything I need with one request is not such a challenging proposition to fulfill.

‘I’m sorry our processes are not built to better support members in your circumstance.’ — Why be ‘sorry’? Clearly RW has a customer base that they want to serve but fail to serve all customers… no need to be ‘sorry’. Emotions, in this instance, are useless.

Thanks for your feedback, @markd.eithga, I’ll make sure it is received by the various teams who need to be aware of this particular need.

I agree that my emotion about your situation doesn’t solve the need to ship a SIM card separately, which is why our engineering team already has a previous request from me that our processes be altered so that when a member with an existing CDMA SIM card places an order, that the order would ship with a CDMA SIM card. That request is under consideration by engineering, but I’m certain it cannot be implemented before you need to place your order or move your service elsewhere.

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Would you care to share your zip code? With the acquisition of Sprint by T-Mobile, coverage situations are subject to rapid change.


Mint Mobile uses the same GSM carrier as Republic Wireless.

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Unlike RW, Mint provides me a CDMA SIM when I ordered the phone and without having to ask for a separate SIM card order. Problem solved! :slight_smile:

I don’t believe Mint offers CDMA service or an associated CDMA carrier SIM (at least, they never have in the past). If they do, it’s news to me.

Mint’s coverage map is just an embedded T-Mobile GSM MVNO coverage map without any roaming coverage.


Reiterating what @cbwahlstrom has said, Mint does not offer a CDMA SIM. If Republic’s GSM (T-Mobile network) service is bad in your area, Mint, if anything, will be worse due to lack of roaming coverage, which Republic’s agreements with its cellular network partners’ provides for. I have experimented with Mint.


LOL. Mint sends you the same (actually inferior pre-paid) T-Mobile (GSM) SIM as Republic and they can’t sent you a CDMA SIM even if you ask.


Please come back and tell us about how Verizon/ATT/Sprint/etc customize your order process and offer to watch your order and expedite an additional shipment. I can’t wait…

I’ve had issues with RW in the past, but calling them unresponsive or unhelpful is the exact opposite of their intent and actions.


I agree w Rolandh. Mint is awful in my area. I just keep my old phone til CDMA sim cards and then transfer. Much easier.

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