Why is moto g stylus more expensive than when purchased from Motorola web site?

Motorola site

Motorola’s website lists a price of $269 for the moto g stylus but RW is asking $299.00. Why the difference?

Hi @markd.eithga,

For the same reason a hammer might be a different price at Home Depot as opposed to Ace Hardware. Each retailer sets its own price. I would point out Motorola sells a lot more phones than Republic, so there are economies of scale involved. I would also point out the wholesale cost of a phone to Republic doesn’t necessarily change when the manufacturer or another retailer places the phone on sale. The $269 at Motorola is promotional pricing.


Thanks. I understand that. However, I want a RW explanation.

Hi @markd.eithga,

What further information do you need?


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