Why is Moto X4 a staff pick?


I’m baffled I bough the Moto X4 in part because it is listed as a staff pick. I am having seemingly endless problems with it. I’ve never paid this much ($350) for a phone and I’ve never had as many problems. The one I bought through RW in September could only call on internet if I stayed 10’ from the router. Frequently I couldn’t call out or answer calls. It was BAD. I went through customer service at Motorola and I couldn’t even get it registered for over a month. It took 2 chat sessions and a couple of calls to get it registered, then I went through all the troubleshooting with them, still didn’t work. Finally they agreed to replace it, but the new one is even worse. I’ve had it 4 days and it has crashed 5 times. I tried to get to customer service chat and it’s unavailable even though it is within their customer service hours. I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent trying to get a phone that works and this is my business phone!


Hi @syntaxisall,

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your X4. I am just another RW member like you so I can’t speak to the title question. However, I do have two X4s and they both have been working well for me without any issues.

Is your new phone continuing to experience crashes? Have you applied all the system updates to the phone?

Does the crash happen when you are using any particular app?
Perhaps you could run the phone in Safe Mode. If that works better then the crash issue could be related to one your downloaded apps.


@syntaxisall I completely agree with you. My x4 has been a huge disappointment. I have been working with RW customer service but it is hours before I get a response. I’ve been asked multiple times to do is a factory reset even though I explained that mine is completely unresponsive and I’ve only had it for 2 1/2 weeks. Are they giving you any options to exchange or replace yours?


I’ve updated repeatedly, this is the replacement phone for the one I bought in September. It’s worse than the first one!


Ryan I put it in safe mode to make sure it wasn’t an app causing problems and it crashed in safe mode, too. It’s junk as far as I can tell. I don’t know if the Sim card could cause the problem, but I feel really ripped off.


Hi @ryanr.ywncrw,

Sorry for the confusion in your ticket, I’ve added some note there and asked the team to take another look at it, to get things on track for resolution for you.


If Safe Mode is giving you the same issues then the only other thing to try would be factory reset (make sure to use the option to not restore your apps after reset), if that doesn’t work then I would suggest following up with Motorola customer service for another replacement device.


It won’t reset or anything. Totally unresponsive to anything. :frowning:


That is such a bummer. I do too. Got so excited when they said i would get a replacement but it was said to be shipped 5 business days ago and still isn’t :frowning: are you just sticking with it or buying a new phone? trying to brace myself if i just need to find an alternative.


I’m setting up my third one now. We’ll see if it’s any better than the first 2. If it isn’t I want my money back or a credit toward a different phone. The first Moto I had, a MotoX was a good phone, the Moto 5G Play was not great, the Moto X4 has been a disaster. BTW, went back and checked through my email and couldn’t find an email from Republic asking me to review the phone. It’s possible I deleted, but I don’t remember seeing one. We should have a way of getting our experiences on the page where the phone is being sold.


I set up the third Moto X4 and it won’t let me answer or make calls. This phone is a disaster. Occasionally one gets through, so much for my business. WHY IS THIS A STAFF PICK!!!


I understand if you have reached end of your patience…but if you want to try some debugging steps…the community is here to try to help.

I have had two X4s…one for 1+ years and one about a month old and both work well for us.
They are both upgraded to the latest system update…but that shouldn’t be a factor in such
a basic function as calling.

Perhaps there is an issue with either your coverage or your SIM card. Are the calling issues limited to cellular or both cellular/WiFi calling is flaky?


It usually sees my wifi at home, but told me yesterday that no wifi was available despite being connected. The wifi was working for my laptop, but not the phone. On the previous phone I had to be within 10’ of the router. This one I can be next to it and it doesn’t work. I couldn’t make a call from it yesterday standing next to the router. Then an hour later it worked on cell when I was in a store. Can I try another sim card? The sim card is from republic.


For the WiFi issues, I would recommend reviewing this document especially the router channel section to see if you can pick another channel in case you are seeing interference from a nearby WiFi network.

Use this document to figure out which type of SIM card you have

If it is GSM and if you had better coverage with your original RW phone on the 1.0 or 2.0 Refund plan…then you can submit a help ticket to request a CDMA SIM card to replace your GSM SIM card.


ok, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with the analyzer. There is one other user who’s line is always higher than mine. He’s on channel 5, I’m on channel 11. From the video on WiFi Analyzer that should mean I’m OK in terms of channel interference, yes?


I just got off a call with Motorola. The tech was in my phone remotely and said it isn’t set up for wifi calling!!! Can this be true? How do I check?


It’s far more likely the Motorola rep you were working with simply lacks an understanding of how WiFi calling works with Republic. Unlike some other services, Republic uses an app to manage WiFi calling and text messaging.

My fellow Ambassador, @jben is the Community’s preeminent authority on the interaction of Republic phones and one’s WiFi network. My hope is he’ll chime in here.


The tech would be correct…technically speaking.
Republic does not utilize the built in carrier WiFi calling feature and thus when someone checks the cell settings, it shows as not provisioned for WiFi calling.

The RW app handles wifi call routing.


Sorry your having problems getting your Moto X 4 connected, this may take a few tries

  • Your phone is capable of using both WiFi bands (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)
    • We need to determine which band you are actually connected (your check with the analyzer, may have not shown the one you are actually connected to
  1. Please access the Android :settingsicon: Setting / Wi-Fi
    a. On the line that shows your Network name (what you call your router) … does it show as ‘Connected’?
  2. Assuming you are Connected, tap the Network name
    a. Please post back what it shows (Status/Signal strength/Link speed/Frequency/Security

Once we get that, there will be more questions


I was on the phone with the tech and despite the fact that I was 7’ from the Google fiber box the call was cell. The icon on the phone said was connected and had full internet access, but the call was on cell and was cut off by either a text message or email coming in.