Why is Moto X4 a staff pick?


I am connected,
Status /Signal strength
is good or fair /Link speed is 72 to 90 Mbps/Frequency is 2.4/Security is WPA 2 PSK




  • What does the Republic Notification show (1 finger swipe down)


where it shows the name of the wifi? It looks like a fan? In the kitchen it’s half full. In the living room closer to the fiber box it’s full.



As far as crashing are you running any apps. My new X4 updated to android Pie. Possible if an older app may not be tweaked for Android Pie.
I got it on decent sale recently around $169 out the door.
It seems like any other current motorola phone.
With three phones say more likely an app issue or wifi or both. On the wifi any sip alg type stuff running. It is a sip helper and usually if available a check box somewhere in router firmware. Best left unchecked if problems.
Others seem to already covering other wifi possibilities,

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Is this on TMobile or Sprint?



I am going to DM (Direct Msg) you … it will show top right where your big S shows and it will then make it easier for me to keep things straight



I don’t understand the question regarding carriers. I have Republic. I have Android 9. I operated the first 2 in safe mode and the problems did not change.



sorry I really have no idea what you mean. Big S?



Hi @syntaxisall,

When viewing this conversation in our Member Community, you will see message notifications beside your Community Avatar, which, because your username starts with an “S” is a big S in a green circle.


When viewing Community on a computer, you’ll see this at the top:
The little blue dot with a 1 in it by the “big S” indicates you have one private message waiting.

If you’re replying by E-mail to Community conversation, you will not see any such indicator and it gets hard to know which messages are private and which are seen publicly.

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So you have Google Fiber using their router? A little Google search shows some may have issues with Moto X4 on project FI using Google Fiber. Not sure if any answer though. Maybe a quirk with that phone and the Google fiber router.



I hate my new X4 so much. I find it to be incredibly, frustratingly UN-intuitive compared to the old X2. I’d switch back in a heartbeat if the X2’s battery and memory limitations were things I could live with.


When do we get new phones?

Sorry your displeased as i really like my X4…



I just ordered a new X4 32GB directly from Motorola yesterday and should receive it next week. This is a reluctant upgrade from my tried and true 4 year old X2 that is getting increasingly glitchy.

If I also have similar issues as syntaxisall with the new X4, I will post on this topic as I also purchased it because it’s a Staff Pick.


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