Why is my old plan still running after I changed plans


I brought a new phone . I moved my phone number to that phone and changed my plan.

I still get emails saying that my data on my old phone is getting less and less. The old phone has been off since I added the new phone. The new plan should have closed the old plan and I should have received credit for the unused days. Yet, I have gotten two email seemingly saying the old plan is still active.

Since, no live person can be contacted, please contact me to assure me that my old plan has ended.


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Hello @leonardm.desd5l
this is a customer helping customer forum if you need support please create a ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless

if the old phone is still active while the new phone has the old number Republic would need to look into this

note if the old plan was a My Choice plan (old phone was a 3.0 plan) the new phone would just take over that plan until the next billing date

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Hi @leonardm.desd5l

How long has it been since you activated the new phone and ported the number?.

Since the old phone no longer has a number associated with it should automatically be deactivated.

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Hi @leonardm.desd5l,

We have plenty of live people who will be glad to help you.

While our Community can answer questions about using the phone, our policies, and our service, they cannot answer or solve questions specific to your account. They can point toward those answers, but they cannot answer them.

If you have any concern whatsoever that you are being billed for something in error, please open a support ticket at the link @drm186 provided so our staff can look into that for you. Every now and then we see a phone fail to close out properly after an upgrade. We will certainly be glad to investigate whether that has happened in your case, and if so, properly credit you for any amount you are due. If that’s not what has happened, we’ll work to make sure you are satisfied with an explanation of the E-mails you are receiving.

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