Why is my order continuously being cancelled?

I have tried purchasing a new phone twice now (on 2/27/17 & 3/2/17) but it keeps getting cancelled and I don’t understand why. All my information is entered correctly and my credit card is valid. I have even received emails confirming my order but then the following day I log on to Republic Wireless and check my ‘Orders, Payments, and Returns’ in my account and I find the orders have been cancelled with NO explanation. I have even called my credit card company to make sure there wasn’t any problem there. At this point I have exhausted all other possible options but still REALLY want this phone. Can anybody explain this problem to me? I am so lost. ;-;

Hi @christat.pxlppx

Sorry to hear about your frustration and issues you are having trying to order a phone through RW. This is a community of members helping other members, so we are limited in trying to resolve this type of issue.

Often the problem in this scenario is that a Community Forum account is not necessarily a Billing Account. This does not appear to be the issue you are having, given the information you have provided, although it is worth consideration.

I would suggest opening a Support Request outlined here . You will have an option to initiate a Live Chat, or submit a Ticket. If you choose the latter, you can post the ticket number here, in this thread, and we can help facilitate your request.

(Note: We cannot see any information contained within the request, but can use the number for reference).

Maybe they don’t want your business?

Maybe “someone” or something is trying to stop you from doing something you might later regret?

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