Why is my phone powering on but not working?

My phone is a Moto G, third generation. Every time I shut it completely off and reboot it, it either goes immediately to a screen that says something about the system process not responding and if I want to wait for it to respond or if I want to close it. No matter which one I pick, the phone goes to the activating screen and wont change unless I turn my phone on sleep mode. When I wake it up, it has the screen lit up but black. It eventually will respond and start working somewhat normally, the screen sometimes doesnt respond and i have to shut it off again, likely starting the process over again. Help? Thank you

Start with some clean up

  • Boot into Safe Mode to help eliminate a possible app caused problem
    • If this helps/clears the problem start removing apps
  • Finish up with a System and App Clearing the Cache (even if Safe Mode helped, an occasional deep cleaning can do wonders)

this morning I turned the phone on and i have a message scrolling across the top banner “no SIM card - Emergency calls only”. I assure you the SIM card is in place… Please help!

Just rebooted the phone three times, the last time it went through the optimizing sequence. then failed to start giving me a message that the process system was not responding asking if i wanted to close it. after not responding to this message for about 1 minute the screen went black again and needs to be rebooted. (black as in still backlit but nothing is displayed.)

While the phone is just sitting here apparently not working, I received a text message (the phone made the sount it makes when I receive a text message) but the screen will not light up normally.

I finally closed the process system when the message appeared again. Clearly there is a problem.

Were you able to do the routines I mentioned … if so then the next step if they didn’t help would be a Factory Reset

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