Why is my phone using cell for calls even though it is on a working wifi system?

In the past, my phone switched calling to wifi, but now calling stays on cell, though texts and data are on wifi. My lovely bride’s phone is doing the same.

As it sounds like both of your phones (type = unknown) are suffering the same problem, the one common thing would be your WiFi. I suggest you start by going through the Quick Checks in Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide and let the community know the results or holler back if you need help.

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Mine too.
Was working fine a couple days ago, nothing changed on my end. Since we have no cell signal here, this means no phone calls.

This is a reach, but worth a try…

Go into the RW app “advanced settings,” scroll to the bottom, and reset the connections.

I dont have a black noodle, says calls over cell… which means no calls since we dont have cell signals here.
Please advise ASAP.

Did it, no luck.

Press it a few more times. You need “connected” for WiFi. If not successful, I’d reboot all your network devices.

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I had already confirmed that my WiFi was working correctly. For some very coincidental reason, within an hour of posting the question, both of our phones started working correctly again. No changes were made on my system, and neither phone was rebooted or reset, so the problem had to be with the Republic Wireless system. Before anyone assumes I made a mistake or missed something, I’m a retired IT professional with 20 years of experience in the field, and 50 years experience as an electronics tech.

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No presumptions, however, the issue might just as easily have been with your Internet Service Provider. One’s WiFi connection is only as good as the underlying Internet connection.

And, there’s a lot more to Internet connection quality when it comes to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling over the public Internet than network speed. Intermittent network issues with packet loss, latency and jitter might very well explain the experience.


Trust me, I believe you! I am 100% WiFi at home, and have had similar problems. Most of the time, I try resetting the connection. If that doesn’t work, I wait a bit and try again. Too much technology going on behind the scenes!

Reset router, unplugged it. Pressed reset connections in RW app a bunch of times.
Still nothing. Problem is on both of our moto g6 phones.

Speed is faster on the 5g wifi…
We have fiber to the house,

My download and upload speeds did not change, my VoIP system suffered no problems, and I have a fast intranet backbone. My router’s WiFi is considerably faster than the phone’s link to it, and my logs show no significant packet loss, and very low latency. I worked with a lot of FAX machines when my company went to VoIP, and had to put some of them on analog lines, as I found that FAX to FAX even over VoIP was not a problem, but FAX servers had serious problems with even a small amount of jitter. Even changing the CODECs made little difference. One of the first things I did when I saw the issue was to run tests on the VoIP system, as it picks up jitter rather well. No problems. I then looked at the logs and saw that I had a clean and fast history. I realize that most of the RW users don’t have the equipment I have, but I do have it, and I have the time to play with it, so I do.


Noodle went black for a few minutes, then off again.

Still nothing an hour later

Still off

RW is way to busy with their new accounts to admit having a problem with legacy accounts.

Have you looked at possible interference from a new neighbors WiFi? Perhaps they got a new router/mesh system for Christmas and could use your expertise in setting it up properly?

Nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away.

It’s working now. Nothing I did.

You wouldn’t possibly be using 5Ghz on a freq that is being hit by radar/weather?

Nope. I have a 2.4g and a 5g wifi a and it wasn’t working on either.