Why is my Phone using Cell when I am on wifi


My phone is Moto X 2nd gen. Ever notice when making a phone call it shows using CELL instead of Wifi ? When my phone is on a solid wifi network at home.


This recently helped me determine if my wifi really was good at work for wifi calls:


Well used your speed test and have 41.9 mbps download speed and 5.97 upload so everything shows normal


What was the latency and the jitter?


ping was 14ms jitter 1ms loss 0.4%


Perhaps a neighbors router is interfering? See Quick Check #2 in Router Tweaks

  • Post a screenshot back and the community can possibly provide an alternative (there is one example there and some guidance on channel selection). Unfortunately the majority of users leave them on Auto or default channel 6, so they can get pretty messy and may require working with a neighbor or two to help you all out. Sometimes just a power cycle of the router will suffice as that is when ‘Auto’ usually picks a channel