Why is my RW phone number not considered a cell phone?

When I put my number into a form that requires a cell phone with texting ability, I am told that I must use a cell phone number. My RW phone is a cell phone.

Republic Wireless numbers are considered VoIP (Voice Over Internet) numbers. They are recognized by companies as landline instead of wireless. Perhaps if you can tell us what service you are trying to register with (get texts from), we can find a workaround.

The problem occurs when an online company wants to verify my information by sending a text code. I have also been locked out of my AARP Rewards because I cannot verifly my account by a cell phone text code.

Many of these companies have other verification means. Sometimes verification can be done by phone call or e-mail. I’m not an AARP member, but I found some evidence that they can use a landline for verification by calling with a code rather than receiving a text (unfortunately, I can’t confirm this). Hopefully there is an AARP member watching this thread who can chime in.

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