Republic is not a normal wireless carrier it’s a hybrid WiFi first VOIP/Cell backup, as such there more complexity and with more complexity there more of an issue with conflict on software builds and that is why the phones have been limited to tested software builds and north american factory unlock models, there are more 3.0 BYOD phones than republic ever sold sold so the selection is growing.
When software upgrade come out Republic may need to modify its app (along with updating the software build to it’s approved white list that republic uses to verify compatible phones)
Republic officially does not support beta builds as they in themselves can be unstable (this is the same for Nexus/Pixel or Samsung beta release)
as or the iPhone support it looks like rumors say sometime next year RW will sell iPhone in 2018


It’s challenging to hear someone tell a company how to run their business while knowing nothing about the financials of that business, or the technicals of how the service works, and at the same time complain that the company’s decisions are arrogant. Making such assertions really makes people just tune out.


Wow. If RW really does sell an iPhone in 2018, then they’ll really be getting more customers, I believe.


With grade A Internet rage like this… rant on my friend


KInda, there are many offerings but most turn out to be “don’t work in your area” or “out of stock”. Truth is they offer a couple of phones, and a few re-builts ( “B” class phones ). In my area, a fairly big midwestern University town, there is 1 … yup… 1 phone available.


Since the introduction of the clear choice plan, Republic Wireless has been adding phones to their lineup at a quicken pace. I don’t think that’s going to slow down. They also have BYOP options, too.


There are work arounds. The primary one, is buying any of the new phones listed as CDMA compatible here: Detailed Supported Phone Features they can be activated with a GSM BYOP SIM and then a ticket can be opened with staff to have it moved. That makes 13 phones available.

In addition, within the next couple of months, all those with an * on Yes will be available too. That would take it up to a total of nearly 25 phones.


I contacted help tonight, because I broke my phone. They said “no worries we’ll send an email with all the options for you”.

That email include a list of all available phones for me. The first 3 were available for my area, the other 9 listed were “not optimized for your area”.

Of those 3 phones on the top row, all are out of stock.

Turns out if you open the unavailable Moto G5+, you can find another model that is available currently ( the 64 gb version).

That is it. The only possible option, 1 single phone model but only in 1 configuration.



This is mainly due to Republic having issues with activating the new iSIM that the CDMA partner [Sprint] has moved to on new phones this year, this issue should be fix by the year’s in.
If the coverage checker is saying that the only phone then it thinks the GSM partner[T-Mobile] would not be a good fit in your area


I remember when I left RW for around 25 days, and I decided to come back. I started the porting process, but then I couldn’t find my 1st Gen. RW Moto E. I went on Swaapa.com, and I bought a used 1st Gen. Moto X from someone that was a state or so away from me, and I asked the seller to send the phone as soon as possible. I ended up being without a phone with cellular service for about 1 day. Before that time, I gave people that I thought would want to get in contact with me during that time one of my Google voice numbers.

It all worked out.

Republic Wireless is such a good deal that technically you could even buy a used RW phone from Swappa.com or eBay while you still consider better phone options. When you get your new phone, you can sell the used one. You might not be loosing much if you do it that way.


Staff sent me a reply, they said none of that can work and if I want to use a phone with my current plan it can only be one of these:

“Our former plans are available only to the Republic Wireless Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen) and Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen), which are no longer available as new because they are no longer made by the manufacturer.”

So to keep my plan I must find a used one of these. I’ve found a couple on Swappa, but I am very concerned about getting one because it is clear that RW intends on trying to ensure the phone won’t work.


Sounds good! But staff tells me that I cannot do that. I want to keep my old plan, so the phone has to be as old, or older than that plan. It also must be Moto, and must be from a short list of compatible phones. I wish i had choices because I would rather stay with RW. It is clear that their intention is to make me give us on my plan or leave. Sad that.


Staff is correct. The plans you are on no longer exist. They have been grandfathered in for the old phones. Times, they are a’changin’.


The refund plan has still been working 18 months (and counting) after Republic Wireless introduced its 3.0 Clear Choice Plans for their legacy phones.


no clue what the refund program is? I cannot get money for my phone if that is it, it is dead


The refund plan sounds like the plan you have been on. It is for these legacy phones: the Republic Wireless Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen) and Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen).

It’s been 18 months (and counting) after Republic Wireless introduced new plans, and they are still letting people use the older plan on the legacy phones. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to get one of these phones on Swaapa.com if you still want to go with this plan.

Here’s more details on the refund plan:


Hi @charlenetcd

Are you having issues using your Republic Wireless phone?. Why not start a thread of your own. Maybe someone has a ‘loaner’ while you decide.


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