Why is the background black now? and the battery outline red?

Can I change these?
Also anybody experiencing delays since the July update?

What background? In an app? On the home screen? Battery outline in red usually indicates a low battery. If you mean the whole band at the top and bottom of the screen are red, perhaps you’ve inadvertently enabled battery saver mode:



Sry. The phone and contact screen have a black background.
And the red outline on the battery is for battery saver. I thought enabling that was a good thing. TY

Enabling battery saver may also enable dark mode (depending on which phone and Android version you have), which will make the background of several apps turn dark. Enabling battery saver does a lot of other things that you may want to be aware of. You would normally want to enable it only when you are trying to stretch out a few more hours when you can’t get to a charger:



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