Why is the Google Play Store app opening automatically?

In the last couple of weeks I’m noticing that the Google Play Store app on my 1st gen Moto X had begun randomly opening up directly to the pages for various games for download. This doesn’t appear to be happening with specific aps and it only seems to be happening every other day or so. I’m not using my phone any differently than I have for the past few years, and I don’t believe it’s happening from accidentally tapping ads on other apps. Has anyone had this problem? Have you been able to solve it? I’ve downloaded Lookout and scanned my phone, but it didn’t detect any malware that may be causing it. It’s more annoying than anything, but I’d like it to stop all the same.

This is most likely being caused by a free app you downloaded that is trying to get you to download more apps. You can find out for sure by running your phone in Safe Mode for a day or so but frankly I’m pretty sure an app you download is causing this.

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