Why is there a limited selection of phones in the Republic Wireless store?

I remember we had a lot more choices for phones, but recently there are only a handful of phones. Will Republic restock soon, or are the phones discontinued indefinably? I’m talking about the Nexus 6p, Galaxy S6, S7 (not edge) and so on. I hate to buy from amazon then go though the hassle to make sure its the correct build number and model. If RW has such strict build numbers they should offer these phones at their store. Any Idea will they re-stock their store with more phones soon?

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Those phones are gone. They are old models, no longer made by the manufacturer. Of the phones you name, only the S6 requires checking a build number (thanks to Samsung’s brilliant decision to use the same model number for the T-Mobile version and the factory unlocked version).

I do expect that Republic will add new phones as they certify them.


Hi @eugenek.rkjzy7!

If the phone is not in the shop, then Republic does not sell it anymore. The Nexus 6P, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S7 will not be restocked. Not all of the phones have to have specific build numbers. In fact, I think it’s just the Galaxy S6. You can check to see if a device is compatible here:Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless. I hope that helps!



If they been Removed from the Store page they are sold out for Good many of the phone you list are just no longer manufactured “Nexus 6p, Galaxy S6, S7” are all over 1.5 years old and at the end of production runs by OEMs (the S7 is the most recent the S6 and Nexus have been off the site for awhile now (and other retail places have larger warehouses to store than Republic)

Republic is always looking to add new phones (they just approved the Moto E4 and rumors on the web is they add the Moto E4 Plus soon (not official in any way)
I expected the Galaxy S8 line to be approved by now and am not sure why it hasn’t been.

Republic does support BYOD for the Google Pixels (Replaced the Nexus line from Google)
with BYOD one needs to look for the North American Factory Unlock Variant models of approved phones (the Samsung S6 and J3 are the hardest to find due to the need to check build version as the North american Factory Unlock Variants share a model number with a US Carrier variant (but the US carrier builds do not work)


Well that’s disappointing to hear, Thanks for your replies. I think I will wait for the new Pixel to come out so I can get the first gen Pixel at a cheaper price. We need a good camera quality phone and RW has a very limited selection.

The new Moto G5+ has the same camera that is in the Galaxy S7. At the time of its (the S7) release, it was one of the top rated smartphone cameras. You may want to give that phone some consideration.

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